In some cultures, having white skin is considered trendy, and every effort is made to reduce exposure to direct sunlight. Of course, the cultures that find fair skin appealing are typically hot places, where the tanned look is the norm, and following that innate human quality of wanting to be different, people strive to have a paler complexion. Regardless of one’s preferences, there are effective products that can reduce the amount of melanin the skin produces, and this will result in a fairer skin shade.

Technology to the Rescue

For many years, we have known what causes human skin to darken, and by using a range of methods, we can reduce this to a degree. Research into the properties of various plant extracts has revealed one particular shrub called acerola, which bears a delicious cherry type fruit. The plant is naturally found in Central and South America, and the fruit has many health properties, with high levels of Vitamin C, it is believed to be a healthy addition to a balanced diet. The plant extract has been found to reduce the ability of the body to produce melanin, and it is found in some high quality skin whitening products.

Melanin Inhibition

Melanin is the pigment that is present in the epidermis layers of our skin, and when we are exposed to direct sunlight, this stimulates the production of melanin, and this is what causes a tan. If you would like to prevent your skin from darkening, buy White Plus Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum online, and your skin will take on a lighter shade while giving off a healthy glow.

Harmful Alternatives

Some skin whitening products contain toxic bleaches that destroy the melanin, rather than reducing its creation, and this can cause permanent damage to the skin. Many women aspire to have fairer skin, and are sometimes attracted by bold claims, but with some careful online research, you can soon become acquainted with the safest methods to obtain a fair complexion, and avoid any harmful products.

Sun Block

Many people will ask the question, “Is sun block an effective way to lighter skin?” and the answer must be, yes, to a degree. Any exposure to direct sunlight will stimulate melanin production, which is the process of tanning, and sun block can reduce the levels of sunlight that penetrate the outer levels of skin. Sun block will not make your skin lighter, but it can prevent further darkening, and this can be used in conjunction with a skin whitening product to enhance the process and ensure optimum results.

The Benefits of Research

The desire for a paler complexion has fuelled the research that has provided an ideal solution, and with the extract of acerola, your skin can safely lighten. There’s no need to visit any skin specialists, simple locate an online supplier, and by following their instructions, you too, can have white skin.

Serums and potions offer many amazing results, and with some online research, you can source a safe product that will give your skin a brighter, healthy glow.