Healthy Eating Habits

Everyone, irrespective of their age must eat healthy! But when you are in your 50s or 60s you should plan your diet really carefully. Elderly people crave more for sweets, desserts and high cholesterol foods, but these things are the serious threat to their health.

People over 60 should consume fewer calories than the adults because they can`t workout to burn those calories. They should fulfill their requirements of vitamins and minerals properly.

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If you are 50 or above, while planning your diet you should keep in your mind the following requirements:

Vitamin D:
The old people mostly stay at home and don`t have much exposure to the sunlight, which can cause Vitamin D deficiency in them. They must improve their vitamin D intake through their diet. They must include fish, margarine and eggs in their diet and can also take Vitamin D supplements. Medifast1 coupons provide you excellent diet plans which contain well balanced vitamins.


Elderly people should include iron rich foods in their diet. Lack of energy makes the body energy deprived. The best source of iron is red meat (mutton and beef). Some amount of iron is also found in beans and lentils. Sardines and egg also contain iron.

Calcium makes the bones strong and avoids osteoporosis. Milk is the best source of Calcium and every elder should take at least 1 glass of milk daily. All dairy products e.g. yoghurt, cheese, etc all contain calcium. But one thing to keep in mind is that they contain fat too, so it`s very important to consume only the low-fat dairy products. Some green leafy vegetables are also a source of calcium. To get weight reduction diet plans avail of your medifast1 coupons now. Are you interested in learning more about healthy and nutritional food? Visit this website to get more recipes for healthy food.


In old age you body requires more water. Make sure that you always keep yourself well hydrated. Water removes toxins from the body and improves the functions of the kidneys. An adult should drink 10-12 glasses of water per day.
 Cut down Salt:

Salt is the main cause of high blood pressure. Avoid salt as much as you can and try to take only 6grams of salt per day.

Fruits and Vegetables:

You should include seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Eat them as much as you can because they will provide you with infinite health benefits, but if you are diabetic you must carefully choose which fruits you are allowed to eat.

Make sure that if you are going towards the old age you should keep all these diet options in mind and should have a well balanced diet plan if you want to stay away from the different illnesses. Apart from these healthy foods you should also take some diet supplements which can be bought at reasonable prices with medifast1 coupons. If you are more curious about your diet supplements, visit this website to get detailed information.