Sleep Better

For years, people sacrificed sleep like it was some badge of honor. Sleeping less meant getting more stuff done or being busier than your neighbors and more serious than other colleagues at work.

We know now, however, that missing sleep is a big mistake. Not only is it a significant physical health risk, but it can also impair your cognitive abilities. It’s harder to remember things, think clearly, and perform at a high level when you’re starved of sleep.

Leaders, from CEOs to presidents, promote sleep now as one of the best things people can do to feel good and consistently perform. Whether you’re an athlete prepping for a competition or a professional closing deals, getting high-quality sleep is a must. Get more tips and tricks about glowing skin and better sleep on this dedicated website:

Here are some strategies you can use to start getting better sleep now.

Setting the Mood for Better Sleep

The first thing you can do to get better sleep is set the mood. This may sound strange, but it works! The environment before you get in bed greatly impacts your sleep quality.

You’ll fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with the right conditions.

Avoid screens for at least 30 minutes before your bedtime. Let your eyes relax and send your body the signal that it’s time to wind down. Then, turn down the lights to relax your body. If necessary, you can also listen to some relaxing music before you want to sleep.

Another great tip for better sleep is using a white noise machine. A surprising number of people have difficulty sleeping in complete silence. So turning your phone or a tablet into a noise-making machine for raindrops, beach waves, or simply static can make a difference in your sleep quality.

Don’t Eat Before Bed

A lot of people eat too close to when they want to sleep. As a result, your body is still working to digest the food when your head hits the pillow.

Don’t eat for about an hour before you want to go to bed. Snacking late at night is bad for your diet and disrupts your ability to stay asleep. Even drinking too close to bedtime will wake you up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.

Put a hard stop on eating well before bedtime to avoid waking up.

Turn Down the Temperature

You’ll fall asleep faster and sleep more comfortably when your bedroom is colder. This is because your body goes into a sort of hibernation mode when it’s cold in your room. People in colder temperatures sleep soundly.

If you can, turn on the AC or open the window in the winter to let cool air inside. In addition, you can buy specialized bedding products that shoot cool water through a mattress topper to lower your internal body temperature. So give it a try and see how much better it makes you sleep!

Invest in High-Quality Bedding

In addition to fancy gadgets like cooling mattress toppers, people who want better sleep should invest in quality bedding that makes beds comfier and sleep more attainable.

It’s hard to say which types of pillows, sheets, and mattresses people should buy because everyone’s preferences vary. However, don’t scrimp on bedding. As they say, you spend a third of your life in your bed, so you should make it as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the most comfortable pillows available in the market, visit this website:  

Look online for affordable bedding that has a lot of positive reviews. You’ll feel great when you get on your bed, and falling asleep becomes something to look forward to. To discover more about the most luxurious bedding available, on this website:

Exercise More

Exercise is a great tip for getting better sleep. Naturally, your body will fall asleep faster when it’s tired. If you walk or go for a light job before bed, you’ll sleep soundly and experience all the other health benefits of exercise!

Whenever possible, get outside for your pre-bedtime walks or runs. The natural cool air is fantastic for relaxation that will prime your body for bed.

Peptides & Sleep Quality

Peptides are short chains of amino acids with various health benefits. One peptide, named Sermorelin, has shown a range of sleep benefits in animal models. For example, research in rats shows that Sermorelin regulates the sleep cycle  to help promote restful sleep according to this post It does this by regulating orexin release in the brain, a neurotransmitter that controls sleep. The subjects taking Sermorelin saw boosted orexin levels and better overall immune function.


Getting better sleep is the foundation for improvements in physical and mental health. By focusing on sleep, people should expect to deal with stress better, perform at a higher level, and see more dieting success.

Hopefully, these tips will get you started on the path to better sleep in 2023. Start making sleep a priority, and watch how it impacts other areas of your life. Try to get more sleep to feel rested and accomplish your goals. To read more about how sleep enhances both physical and mental well-being, visit this website: