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Why is the new proxy protocol more profitable?

Among the many types of proxies, IPv4 is distinguished. This is a special protocol used by Internet registrars. There are 5 zones of proxy network addresses on the planet. Buying IPv4 should not be delayed as they are nearly run out of regional registrars. Meanwhile, this is a popular type of proxy, characterized by high security and data transfer speed. To learn more about the advantages of IPv4 and other protocols, for example, the site will help.

How proxies can end

For those who have never dealt with proxies, it is not clear how they can end. The fact is that there are a limited number of them. For example, the IPv4 model has about 4 billion addresses. But many people need to buy several such proxies for work at once. As a result, they practically ended at the registrars. You can still find them only from organizations that sell addresses directly to buyers.

In other things, progress does not stand still and a more modern protocol, IPV6, has appeared. It differs from the old version in a number of advantages:

  1. more addresses
  2. cost is lower
  3. better encrypted
  4. data integrity is checked during transmission
  5. higher speed
  6. lower ping
  7. highest security.

Benefits of a proxy server

  1. Makes you anonymous online

Many people use proxy servers to mask their public addresses. This way, it will be more difficult for anyone trying to get data from your computer to track you. When a proxy server acts as an intermediary, anyone trying to gain access to your computer or device will not have access, but instead will go into the proxy itself. Thus, it helps to give you a sense of anonymity and security when surfing the Internet.

  1. Proxy servers provide an extra layer of protection

    Proxies can be configured to block access to sites and web pages known to contain malicious code in the form of malware, phishing links, and viruses. Proxies can also be used to restrict access to only websites authorized by an institution, workplace, or organization. Thus, it prevents unauthorized access to pages or sites that could cause network problems for the user.

  2. Unblock prohibited content and services

    One of the ideas behind a proxy is to unblock content on geo-restricted sites. Many websites and content providers today restrict content to specific geographic regions. This makes it nearly impossible for anyone outside of the area to access such services. Thanks to the proxy server, you can access this content regardless of your location.

Despite its simplicity, a proxy server is a useful tool if you are looking for a quick solution to ensure your anonymity and security on the Internet. While there are many benefits to using it, it shouldn’t be the ultimate solution if you need long-term data protection and anonymity. You are much safer with more sophisticated and comprehensive tools like encrypted browsers (Tor) and VPNs.

More modern communication protocol IPV6

Based on these qualities, many proxy buyers today are abandoning IPV4 in favor of IPV6. The new protocol encrypts all incoming data by default. It does this at maximum speed, which does not affect network access. On the contrary, the transmission of information by IPV6 itself is much faster.

In addition, the protocol differs from its predecessor in a lower ping. This is ideal for those using esports proxies. Indeed, in computer games, every second counts, guaranteeing victory or preventing defeat. Besides, it is very helpful in business video conferencing negotiations. After all, the impression of the company will not be serious enough if the conference slows down all the time.

In addition, IPv6 has about 300 million more free addresses. Since IPv4 will soon run out, the price is only going up. At the same time, IPv6 has become cheaper than the previous version, despite its clear advantages.

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TransferGo for Business

The new improvements and updates in the sphere of technologies, access of people to the electronic and virtual world, and difficult situations like Covid-19 made people think about their financial issues more than before. The problem of sending and making a payment to different places and countries, today is more than before and made people worry. In this short article, we will write about TransferGo as one of the best platforms for solving these issues and making life more easy for their customers around the world.

TransferGo & Its Services

Briefly to say, what TransferGo is offering to users is somehow counted as a unique service. TransferGo is providing services in case of making a payment or better to say, transfer money to anywhere and at any time; it can be other countries or the same city. More than 160 countries are under the cover by this platform and more than 2 million customers are using this platform currently. The unique point about this platform is about choices that it makes available for their online users; customers can choose how much money they want to send and by when, so in this case they will choose the delivery fees by themself. The transactions can happen between 30 minutes, in today and in tomorrow time with the different fees. Also after filling up the receiver’s details, bank or card details or actually email address, users will be able to choose the way to make a payment that can happen by bank transfer, credit/debit cards or Google or Apple pay. After these steps, with the TransferGo’s mobile app, users will be able to track their money in the transfer process. 

TransferGo for Business

With all services and features mentioned above, we can understand that this platform can be a good choice not just for individuals, but also small or medium businesses can use these services and gain benefits from it. Shortly, TransferGo for Business is offering saving time and paying less fees for money transfers for businesses. Businesses will be able to make their transfers worldwide in less than 30 minutes, paying less fees and using perfect exchange rates and the most important point, businesses will be able to make a payment for more than 50 suppliers or salaries just with one action in this online platform. Also they can track their transfer and share the link with the receiver so both sides will be able to observe the process of transactions. TransferGo is also working very well between businesses and freelancers; it made easy the connection between these two groups. Should be noted that the customer service of TransferGo is always available in different languages and fast answering to their online users. 


Definitely, the issue of transferring money to different countries is one of the most important issues for people nowadays; However with online platforms like TransferGo, as mentioned above, people can simply and quickly make their transaction to different countries and pay less fees. 


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Refer to an Online Gallery for Your Choice of Art

It is good to live in the digital age as you can take advantage of viewing fine art online. Unlike a traditional art gallery, an online gallery allows you to explore and expand your interest in fine art. You also can receive more information about a specific piece of artwork. You do not have this advantage when you visit a brick-and-mortar locale.

Explore the World of Art in Your Home

By going to a gallery online, you can review various types of art without traveling to several galleries or studios. You can explore the world of art in the comfort of your home. Therefore, it is not surprising that this type of shopping experience is trending throughout the world.

In fact, you can view and appreciate significantly more paintings. When you view artwork online, you can also take note of special tips for buying or selling artwork. If you are a serious collector, visits to online art galleries can assist you in expanding and developing your collection.

Artists Can Also Expand Their Reach

You can also access contact information or website links on gallery platforms that will keep you up to date on specific artist activities or works of art. If you are an artist, you also can expand your reach. When you display your art online, you have a better opportunity to capture the interest of prospective buyers.

Art That Is More Easily Accessible

Once you look at the art featured by a gallery online, you will be motivated to update your current collection. The advantages of viewing and buying art on the web are too beneficial to ignore. When art enters the online world, it becomes far more accessible to a large number of people. It also enhances the exposure for the artist and the gallery owner. Shopping for artwork suddenly becomes more streamlined as potential buyers can more easily shortlist their choices.

For example, you may want to search by categories such as portraits, landscapes, etc. Maybe you are seeking art in a specific price range. Navigation may also be directed toward the names of featured artists or paintings that denote a specific theme, such as horses or cars. When an artist can display his or her artwork online, the opportunity to earn increases as well.

The cost of displaying an online gallery is well worth the investment. In a sense, it creates a win-win situation for the art aficionado and the artist. Artists like to display their art in online galleries as they are easier to find on the web.

When you see how much simpler it is to buy art online, you will want to make it part of your regular online shopping experience. You will also want to spend more time on developing your art collection and reviewing your preferences.

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Engraving Today Makes Use of CAD and Laser Technology

The process of engraving entails producing phrases or pictures on an object by removing material. The idea is to leave a permanent type of marking. Whilst it can entail a good deal of outlay to produce this type of product with a laser, it is well worth it given the customer satisfaction and the overall outcome.

Why Laser Engraving Is Used

That is because traditional engraving methods can be somewhat time-consuming. When a traditional method is used, the material that is being engraved must first be scratched by hand using specific tools. A laser engraver, however, is typically fitted into the manufacture, reducing the overall production time.

In order to keep costs low and provide additional savings to customers, engraving in Surrey must be precise. When you can employ both computer aided design and laser technology, you can be sure of the accuracy of the engraved work. That is because computer control ensures enhanced precision and permits an easier application for complex designs. You simply cannot achieve this same effect with traditional engraving methods.

The Latest in Engraving Technology

If the production time is shorter, it also means that you expend less wear on your tools. Because lasers do not come into contact with the materials that are engraved, there is less of a need to make any replacements with respect to parts. So, if you need engraving services, you want to make sure that the provider you choose offers the latest in engraving technology.

For example, does the company offer CAD services and laser technology? If so, you will find that your engraving project will turn out better and at a cost that is more affordable too. By taking these steps, companies can ensure that their orders are fulfilled to the highest standard. Whether you have a one-off order or a high-volume assignment, you need to rely on the current technology.

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Freelancing Websites that pay for lifestyle writing

Freelancing jobs are now on trends as they have distinct advantages that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with every individual skill that you have you can get a job and get paid for it from over the globe. To find a job as freelancer writer there are literally tons of freelancing websites on the internet, you just have to sign up there and place a bid on order relevant to your skills and make sure you are qualified to get the job done. In this article, I am going to enlist few famous freelancing website that can help you for auspicious beginning as an online writer.

Content mart 

Content mart is the online content marketplace for freelance writer and clients who are looking for content for their website.  The reason to mention it on top of the list is that is specific or limited to the various types of writers such as copywriter, academic writer, automotive content writer and lifestyle writer, while other freelancing websites have freelancers with numerous skills. If you are looking for freelance writing job register as a writer on, fill the require details such as portfolio, payment details and start bidding on various projects of a different category. You can even become the verified member of content mart by without paying even a single penny.


Freelancer provides over hundreds of job that includes IT and Networking, writing, programming, and design. It will be a great start up to pursue your career as a freelance writer. The only thing I don’t like is that they only 10 bids for the beginner when compared to content mart there is no limit for bidding.  Freelancer is now on the fourth rank on a list of best freelancing websites.

LinkedIn pro-finder  

Another service from the LinkedIn network after Slide Share. It will help you to find the job as copywriter, content provider, lifestyle writing jobs, ghostwriting and many others online freelancing jobs.

Up Work 

Up work is ranked first in a list of a top freelancing website across the world as it has highly skilled professional and expert freelancer having the various set of skills. Writing is also one of them. Up to work also has all type of skilled writer as I mentioned above in the section of the content mart.  Personally, I found Up work a bit complex as if you will not right skills they will not allow you to bid on projects. But if you have right skills and experience Up work is the best place for you to get an online lifestyle writing job.


Guru is another platform to find the best online freelancing job for your lifestyle writing career. Guru will offer you listed bids up to ten but you can buy more bids. Furthermore, you will be able to get the job easily compared to freelancing and other websites. Guru has uniquely developed payment system where u will be able to get payment through

PayPal and other services. 

There are many other websites such as Guru, craigslist and college recruiters. You will be able to find good freelancing writing job if you have right skills. As the beginner you may face trouble but once you will have the good experience you may be able to write for some good industries and magazines. From above list, all are the best but being specific to writing job content mart will do the job.

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Pros & Cons of Dual-SIM Smartphones

Today we are going to talk about such a function as two SIM cards and also we will try to help you see the merits of a phone supporting 2 SIM cards! What’s more, today, many mobile phones including even high-end smart phones unfortunately excluding iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy, support a parallel operation of two SIM cards of different carriers.

Main perks of smartphones having 2 SIM cards:

• Reduced expenses on communication services. Many carriers set favorable prices when communicating or using the internet within their network, whereas the situation is rather different when it comes to going abroad, for instance, all calling from there. A second SIM card in a mobile phone allows you to choose a better data plan when making a particular call thus saving you money;

• Reduced costs for using the Internet. Some carriers have very reasonable prices for calls, but have rather exorbitant prices for the use of internet. With other carriers, it is all the way around which means that buying a phone with two SIM cards will allow you to choose the best option for you depending on your needs.

• In situations where you need to stay in touch across multiple networks using two telephone numbers, buying a phone with two SIM cards is a really good solution that will make your life a bit easier.

Types of SIM cards:

Mini SIM cards. These are big, full-length SIM cards, that used to be install in almost all mobile phones but they are still in use today to some extent. A full-scale SIM card can be found both in expensive smartphones, as well as in low-cost ones, which means that the price of a smartphone is not affected by this factor.

Micro SIM cards. This format is the most popular now. Manufacturers strive to produce more and more compact models, and reducing the size of a SIM card is another small step in this direction.
Nano SIM cards. It is the smallest SIM card type ever made. They are found in smart phones less frequently but this type is also gaining popularity as manufacturers want to make their phones thinner and have as much as space inside the phone as possible.

You might buy a smartphone and face the situation when your current SIM card is not supported by the phone. In this case, your carrier, as a rule, provides you with a free service of replacing your old SIM card with a new one, while saving you current phone number. In addition, if you need to replace your SIM-card with a smaller one, you can also use some paid services for cropping a SIM card of which there are plenty.

However, if you are an Apple fan, and as you know, Apple does not support dual SIM cards, technically it is still possible to buy some cheap iPhone, (check out for iPhone smartphone price) as a second device and you will be pretty much OK. The choice is yours!

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Utilization of Mobile Apps for finding Phone

On the off chance that you are a little business person who needs the elements of a major telephone framework with the adaptability to determine calls anyplace, then a virtual voice administration is the best determination for you. It gives you only one contact number which can help one to forward calls to the telephones of your picking. This implies calls to your association’s primary number might be sent in your representatives wherever they are. You can likewise setup adjustable welcome, adaptable telephone menu choices, faxing, call sending and more at no additional expense or gear. Cellular Xiaomi Mi5 repairing for the most part makes many individuals to a great degree watchful of who they adapt to extraordinarily when taking a gander at their cell phones and the individual data that is positively held in it. A few misinterpretations appear in their psyche as to the repairing process. In this beneath, we may talk over a percentage of the extremely regular ones:

Phones are getting the opportunity to be a staple in homes and business around the world. Businesspeople and ladies have raised dictated by this kind of Tele-correspondence. Whether you may be at the workplace or out shopping, it is vital that you hold touching all your relatives. Having a PDA implies that you happen to be open in the event of your crisis regardless of the possibility that you may be from the way. There are various PDA arranges that one could choose from, whether you will need prepaid cellular telephone or one which incorporates choices. This implies you are traceable giving your mobile phone is started up. Others can track you giving they know your cellular telephone number furthermore the telephone is fueled up, conveying signals at consistent interims that could be effectively blocked. When you close off the mobile phone, it is extremely unlikely individuals can follow you. The incorporation of GPS units into phones has risen following exactness. With the GSM technique expressed before, people or organizations following a cellphone will get a strong thought of whereabouts and should be fit for make proper strides quickly to get him/her, in front of the individual moves into another range (towards other tower). At the point when the cell telephone is GPS empowered, there is no compelling reason to rely on upon tower data. With the GPS compartment in the cellular telephone, individuals/offices following a cellphone can consistently get the exact position in the Xiaomi Mi5 accessories cover with regards to longitude, scope, and height, which makes it workable for them to know the spot that the phone are at whatever time.

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Building Your First Gaming PC: A Beginner’s Guide

Building your very first gaming PC can be very exciting. There’s no doubt that PC gaming is miles ahead of console gaming. While console games are tied to a specific resolution and frame rate, PC gamers have the option of tinkering with the game as much as they want. You can enhance the resolution and the frame rate in order to make the game more beautiful. You can also tinker with the graphical fidelity of the game and make changes that are best suited to your playing needs and PC specifications.

You may already know that gaming PCs are considerably more expensive than ordinary computers. If you are interested in building a gaming PC, you will need to create a proper budget. The superior gaming experience comes at a considerable price. The only reason why most people prefer buying consoles is because they are cheaper and don’t require a lot of effort. Just put in the disc and start playing. However, building a PC requires a bit of an effort. You need to decide how much money you are willing to spend, and what components you require. To make it easy for first-time video gamers to build a better computer, here is a brief guide to help you out.

Set a Budget

Did you know that certain gaming PCs can cost up to 10,000 pounds? If you want to run all the modern games available today, get ready to spend around a thousand pounds. For this price, you will be able to buy a computer that can run all the most demanding games. Even though this is a lot of money to spend a computer, you will get a PC that’s completely future proof. For instance, you could end up building a PC that’s VR ready, which means that the computer can also support games that run via virtual reality devices.

As you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. If you spend more money, you will get a better computer that will run all the biggest games on Ultra settings. However, if you spend less, you might still be able to play the game, but you will have to tone down the settings considerably. Needless to say, you need to figure out your gaming style. If you are interested in building a simple gaming PC on which you can play older games and simple ones such as Minecraft, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. However, if you want a computer that can run the biggest games of today, like the Witcher 3 and Battlefield Hardline, get ready to shell out a good amount.

Build or Buy

Did you know that there are plenty of companies that now allow you to build your own gaming PC online? All you need to do is select the components that you want in your computer. As you add different components, the price will go up. You can continue adding different components in the computer. Once done, you can check the price. In case the product goes over your budget, you can simply remove a few components and add different ones. It is important to note that the whole process is very easy: you can just drag and drop different items into your computer until you are satisfied.

Gaming PC

Companies such as have become very popular in the United Kingdom. They make it easy for people to buy custom built PCs without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes. However, there are a few people who like the thrill of purchasing different components and piecing them together on their own. Some people prefer the thrill of turning on their own computer for the first time.

If you are buying different components online, you may be able to get different components such as graphics cards and other RAM at cheaper prices, especially if you buy second-hand products. However, it requires a lot of effort to purchase different products from different places and then piece them together one by one. It will also take more time, because you will have to wait for shipments to arrive. If you don’t like the hassle of ordering from different places and then putting everything together on your own, using an online website is a much better idea.

What Do You Need?

Before you place an order for any gaming PC, you need to think about your own requirements. What type of games do you play most? There are some people who only purchase gaming PCs for playing League of Legends, Counter Strike, and other MOBAs such as DOTA 2. These games don’t require very powerful computers. If those are the only games that you are going to play, don’t spend a lot of money on an expensive gaming PC.

When deciding the type of gaming PC that you need, your gaming style will play an important role. If you are into heavy games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty Black Ops 3, you will need to spend more. Some people want additional stuff with their PCs, such as mouse pads, backlit keyboards, and a dedicated gaming mouse.

There are many companies that are famous for manufacturing gaming mice and keyboards. However, these things cost extra. Apart from paying for the PC itself, you will have to shell out more money in order to buy a gaming mouse and another device. There are some gaming keyboards that can cost upwards of 150 pounds, so make sure you research your options carefully.

The Best Option

The best option for you would be to build a gaming PC online or buy a custom built gaming PC. Many companies that offer custom PC building services also create preset options for customers based on their gaming preferences. Buying a custom built PC may be a better idea for those who don’t want to waste any time and just want to start gaming.