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Today we are going to talk about such a function as two SIM cards and also we will try to help you see the merits of a phone supporting 2 SIM cards! What’s more, today, many mobile phones including even high-end smart phones unfortunately excluding iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy, support a parallel operation of two SIM cards of different carriers.

Main perks of smartphones having 2 SIM cards:

• Reduced expenses on communication services. Many carriers set favorable prices when communicating or using the internet within their network, whereas the situation is rather different when it comes to going abroad, for instance, all calling from there. A second SIM card in a mobile phone allows you to choose a better data plan when making a particular call thus saving you money;

• Reduced costs for using the Internet. Some carriers have very reasonable prices for calls, but have rather exorbitant prices for the use of internet. With other carriers, it is all the way around which means that buying a phone with two SIM cards will allow you to choose the best option for you depending on your needs.

• In situations where you need to stay in touch across multiple networks using two telephone numbers, buying a phone with two SIM cards is a really good solution that will make your life a bit easier.

Types of SIM cards:

Mini SIM cards. These are big, full-length SIM cards, that used to be install in almost all mobile phones but they are still in use today to some extent. A full-scale SIM card can be found both in expensive smartphones, as well as in low-cost ones, which means that the price of a smartphone is not affected by this factor.

Micro SIM cards. This format is the most popular now. Manufacturers strive to produce more and more compact models, and reducing the size of a SIM card is another small step in this direction.
Nano SIM cards. It is the smallest SIM card type ever made. They are found in smart phones less frequently but this type is also gaining popularity as manufacturers want to make their phones thinner and have as much as space inside the phone as possible.

You might buy a smartphone and face the situation when your current SIM card is not supported by the phone. In this case, your carrier, as a rule, provides you with a free service of replacing your old SIM card with a new one, while saving you current phone number. In addition, if you need to replace your SIM-card with a smaller one, you can also use some paid services for cropping a SIM card of which there are plenty.

However, if you are an Apple fan, and as you know, Apple does not support dual SIM cards, technically it is still possible to buy some cheap iPhone, (check out www.kijiji.ca for iPhone smartphone price) as a second device and you will be pretty much OK. The choice is yours!