make cocktail  dresses that will fit

Fashion is important to each one of us. The reasons why we wear clothes vary from downright completion to necessity. The different designer and brand labels indeed can make our head swim, but for some, it defines who they are. Irrespective of our reason to wear clothes we can create our own wardrobe with a little bit of creativity and patience. Often we see a dress at a mall or a boutique but we cannot purchase it as it is not within our means. Here the best step will be to sew it by ourselves.

What are the reasons to choose a DIY fashion?

The reasons to choose a DIY fashion is simple,

  • Firstly, you can avail what you desire when you cannot afford to buy ready to wear garments
  • Secondly, you can make cocktail dresses that will fit your body type perfectly, offering a custom fit
  • Finally, you can have a well-made attire which no other person will be seen in

Some tried and tested DIY fashion makeover tips

Fashion makeovers have turned popular just as TV entertainment. Now the question is will it be possible in attaining a good outcome with DIY fashion makeover? The answer is yes. Below are some DIY fashion makeover tips that can help one achieve great results. These include,

  • Mix and Match– this is by far the most vital and easiest step. Simply mix and match materials, colors or fashion. Suit jackets teamed with a pair of jeans will look great in the courtroom while wearing the same jeans along with a short summer dress will provide a casual look
  • No difference amid slutty and sexy– Not all girls can actually pull it off. The trick is while wearing a miniskirt there must be no midriff or cleavage exposed. There are three parts, namely the cleavage, thighs and midriff and the rule being just one part at a time
  • Try at throwing something classy– always dare in being different. While wearing jeans team it up with a silk tie and while wearing a suit try in throwing something crimson, golden or metallic which grabs people’s eyeballs. The idea is in surprising those staring at you. In fact, some of the smartest places for putting those surprises will be in your shoes, the shade and style of your handbag or your belt buckle
  • Bring a sunshine on the face with sunglasses– Wear sunglasses that are streamlined and bring sunshine on your face.
  • Wear a hat-The The mere act to don a hat will make you the trendiest girl. But there are some rules that apply here. Firstly, choose it only if you dare. Secondly, you require the panache for carrying it off. Opt for the time tested fedoras and French berets and keep away from baseball hats unless heading towards the stadium.

So if you wish to experiment with DIY fashion to achieve an exclusive and different look then follow the aforementioned tips sincerely and you cannot go wrong. have a look at popular party dress trends in your local stores All the best!!!