Death's Head Jewelry

Despite the fact that skull jewelry has been around for a long time, it has only recently been a regular part of men’s and women’s fashion.

Who is allowed to wear jewelry adorned with skulls?

Who can pull off skull jewelry? Rock stars, bikers, and you, perhaps, require less explanation. Is it, however, exclusive to females? It’s no secret that Bella Heathcote adores torturing her man with a skull. However, what’s intriguing about this is that she’s the one who collects them and thinks they’re lovely. Skull jewelry is a favorite accessory for many celebrities, as evidenced by our blog post, “Top 8 Celebrities Who Love Skull Jewelry.”

From Kat Von D to Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry to Jessica Alba, paparazzi have spotted female celebs wearing skull jewelry.

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What’s the deal with skull jewelry on both sexes?

Skulls have long been worn by warriors as a sign of dominance and strength in order to terrify their enemies and motivate them to battle. The term “memento mori” was coined in the 15th century when people began wearing anything that reminded them of their mortality, including skulls and bones. “Remember that you will die” is the literal translation of the phrase.

Those similar sentiments of power and mortality are often evoked in modern males by wearing skull jewelry. As a result, skull fashion has become a mainstream trend thanks to the likes of rock stars.

When it comes to skull fashion, women are adopting it as their own. Even at the Fall Fashion Week, you can see it on the models as they go down the runway.

For the same reasons why males wear skulls, women may do the same. A little whimsy may be what they’re going for, or they may be going for a more powerful image.

Many sub-cultures, including goth, punk rock, steampunk, and high fashion, now include skull jewelry. Regardless of their gender, anyone can wear skull jewelry without feeling self-conscious.

Do what you want, disregard the system.

Biker, pirate, and Keith Richards are the only ones that wear skull rings. Big rings were created by bikers. A massive skull ring is the epitome of “I’m going to put a dent on your face.”. Men with large fingers can get away with wearing a large ring, but what about women?

Look at this: Your ring has been taken from you and put on her thumb by your wife. That’s hot for a lot of reasons.

Wearing a strong guy ring on her delicate little fingers not only looks adorable, but it also showcases her courageous nature, which you like much.

And most of all, it demonstrates to the world that she is yours!

Bracelets adorned with skulls

I bet you didn’t know that forearms are sexy to some women. Your flexor muscles will be well-represented if you wear a leather band or skull cuff.

The addition of a cuff to your attire demonstrates your self-assurance and masculinity. If you want to stand out in a crowd, wear this unique skull jewelry.

The cuff of one male is the bracelet of another woman. Armbands can be worn as a bracelet or an armband, depending on the size of your woman.

If her wrist is so little that it can fit through the opening, the actual challenge is accomplished. As long as she’s little enough to wear a cuff like this, your daughter can rock your arm. Go to this category of skull rings if you want to get the perfect biker style.

Necklaces in the Form of Skulls

You’re looking for a statement piece when it comes to men’s necklaces. Begin by making a chain that is at least 50 centimeters long. To give you a more macho appearance, you want it to be sturdy and long-lasting. When it comes to skull jewelry, sterling silver is a more cost-effective and long-lasting option than gold. Your skull necklace will cost more the more intricate it is.

Another reason to pick a standout piece for your necklace is because you want to show off your social status. Consider the skull necklaces that speak for themselves rather than those that make you look like a shattered slob.

This trendy skull necklace is best worn with a long chain. Women’s chains are thinner than the usual biker chains used by men.

Choose a pendant with a small surprise skull for a bit of fun. A gothic butterfly pendant with a delicate butterfly and a hard skull would be a great choice.

In the end,

Men and women can both wear skull jewelry. As a biker stud, you know you can pull off the skull look, but you’ll be shocked by how a woman can effortlessly pull it off. For further details about online shopping, visit this website:

As a result, she’ll make it more feminine, as skulls have never been hotter than on her.

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