kids outdoor swing sets

Climbing frames and swing sets play a huge role in childhood development and offer limitless fun for children of nearly all ages. Unless you have children too young to safely play on them, swing sets are a pivotal piece of equipment you must consider placing on your property. Toddlers cannot get enough of sliding, climbing, and swinging as high as their little feet can take them. While you may eventually grow tired over time, they will never run out of energy or excitement when offered the chance to play on one of these sets. That said, some parents have their doubts about an outdoor swing set and they need a bit of convincing before they see the many benefits associated with the purchase of one.

kids outdoor swing sets

Increased Intelligence

Study after study found that children who played outside more often also performed better in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and listening. By visiting the Step2 Direct website, you can choose from a variety of climbers and sets that will keep your children happy and their brains ready to learn. Exercise is great for the body and the mind, especially after a long day at school. During most school lessons, children are forced to remain seated and to concentrate for hours. After school, allowing them to take some time to just have fun and interact with other children in a less structured way has been proven to help them better retain information learned at school.


Step2 Direct kids outdoor swing sets allow children to play safely and any kind of play is great for the body. These sets improve coordination, balance, and agility, and climbing up and jumping down has been found to improve muscle strength and tone. Children stay in motion when swinging, climbing, and running, resulting in better overall health. Lack of exercise may lead to stiffness, reduced coordination, vertigo, uncertainty, and lagging educational performance. Children love to play and they have no idea how important that play is for their developing bodies and minds. Simply by allowing them to do so, you set them up for success later in life.

Important for the Future

Playing outside on safely-constructed swing sets allows your child to enjoy a healthier lifestyle later on. For example, research found that children who play often have a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis as adults. One of three children are deficient in vitamin D, which can cause weaker bones and a weaker immune system, among other issues. Frequent play outdoors is enough to give a child the vitamin D that he or she lacks and allow him or her to grow up with a healthier body.

Social Skills

Children learn some of their most important social skills when playing together outdoors. Invite children from their classes to your home for play dates and encourage them to frequently spend time together outside. This is when they learn how to follow rules, how to win and lose graciously, and how to share. Through play, children develop their self-confidence and emotional skills and they learn literally and figuratively how to break the fall and how to get up again.