One of the only things in the way of you and your clogged pores is just be the addition of a single product to your daily routine. When you need to find a safe and reliable weapon against acne and other problems, you need the help of a reliable toner to get the job done right. A respected and certified dermatologist, named Dr. Hadley King, discussed that toner could make all the difference. Forget the complex creams with high price tags. After all, you may be able to achieve beautiful flawless skin without all of the additional cost associated with the product.

Be sure to never layer on additional makeup to cover acne and oily skin. This can only lead to more acne, causing you to use more cover makeup. As an alternative, you could use a less damaging toner to remove dirt from your skin. For example, consumers looking for additional cleaning after their other skin products and makeup or who have oily or acne-prone skin can use this product to see serious results.

Shrink Pores

A little bit of alcohol free toner for oily skin can start to reduce the appearance of pores across the treated skin. Apply this toner with something soft, such as a cotton ball, softly wiping and blotting at your skin to remove oil. This should not only provide beautiful and reliable results but they should last years with regular applications and dedication to healthy skin. You know more than a few celebrities who never seem to age a day as they continue to appear on the big screen. You can keep up with these professionals by following the same type of skin regimen they utilise and the people you know will see the difference.

PH Balance

Human skin was found to be naturally acidic with a normal pH balance of 5 or 6. Post cleaning, the acidic qualities of soap can disturb the balance of your skin and lead to acne and other problems. When exposed to alkaline products such as most soaps, your skin must work twice as hard to regain balance. In the process, you may notice that your skin is oilier than usual. However, the regular use of toner may balance out the pH of your skin, allowing you to reduce oil over time even between applications. One of the biggest benefits associated with the use of toner is the increased health of your skin all around.


Toners significantly reduce the space between pores and between cells after cleansing. In this way, you begin to see a reduction of outside contaminants finding their way into your pores. Over time, the health of your skin should increase significantly with the changes often too incremental for you to notice right away. After about five weeks, try looking at an older photo of yourself and comparing the differences. You might be surprised at what you find and the right products are cost-effective in addition to being simple to apply.