Over the last five years, a certain trend has swept through the country. E-cigarettes and ‘vaping’ quickly became a normal part of UK culture, especially in those under the age of 30. What many do not know is that this trend started because people began to turn away from traditional cigarettes and seek out healthier, more pleasant alternatives. The beauty of the e-cigarette and the e-liquid used inside it is that users do not have to wean themselves off nicotine.

Nicotine on its own, while addictive, is not the cause of the cancers associated with traditional cigarettes. Therefore, it is not in itself the problem. When you make the switch to an e-cigarette, you give up a dangerous habit without any of the difficulty of quitting altogether. You can now safely and happily enjoy the nicotine buzz you always loved, without the worry of an unpleasant doctor visit.

E-liquid Is Amazing

Unlike traditional cigarettes, which come in just a few, bland flavours, there is no limit to the fun when you use an e-cigarette. E-liquids, such as those sold at http://www.nucig.co.uk/Eliquid-s/12.htm, come in a large variety of flavours to suit even the most exotic of tastes. In fact, the many flavours have been proven to help smokers turn away from traditional cigarettes, as they offer a more pleasant experience without removing the buzz of the nicotine.

Since their sudden and explosive popularity, e-liquids have become smoother and better able to produce a large amount of vapour. Smoking has never been so easy or enjoyable, and you stand to gain in every way from the switch. Studies taken last year showed that smokers who switched to flavoured e-liquids found traditional cigarettes too unpleasant in flavour to return to after only two months of continuous vaping.

Nicotine-Free Options

If you do wish to break your nicotine addiction, there are e-liquids available with reduced nicotine content. There are even e-liquids without any nicotine at all, allowing you to wean yourself off at your own pace and without any of the unpleasant withdrawal effects.

Save Your Health

Of all the many advantages, the return of your health is the most important. E-cigarettes offer all the benefits of traditional cigarettes without any of the health risks, such as cancer. Unlike cigarettes, which have hundreds of harsh chemicals, 71 of which are proven carcinogenic, e-cigarettes have none. More and more studies are conducted on smokeless tobacco products every year, and the e-liquid in e-cigarettes has been shown again and again not to cause any ill health effects. Finally, there’s a safe way to enjoy the nicotine you love without the chance of a disaster.

Smell Better, Go Anywhere

Cigarette smoke once clung to your clothing like a second skin, announcing your arrival seconds before you walked into a room. Fortunately, e-cigarettes have little to no smell. Since the vapour is nothing more than water vapour, e-cigarettes are safe around anyone you meet. With the exception of certain buildings, e-cigarettes can be enjoyed anywhere you wish to use them, and your family will thank you for the more pleasant odour. Order your starter kit this month, while you have the determination to quit.