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What is Do-it-Yourself Fashion?

Fashion is important to each one of us. The reasons why we wear clothes vary from downright completion to necessity. The different designer and brand labels indeed can make our head swim, but for some, it defines who they are. Irrespective of our reason to wear clothes we can create our own wardrobe with a little bit of creativity and patience. Often we see a dress at a mall or a boutique but we cannot purchase it as it is not within our means. Here the best step will be to sew it by ourselves.

What are the reasons to choose a DIY fashion?

The reasons to choose a DIY fashion is simple,

  • Firstly, you can avail what you desire when you cannot afford to buy ready to wear garments
  • Secondly, you can make cocktail dresses that will fit your body type perfectly, offering a custom fit
  • Finally, you can have a well-made attire which no other person will be seen in

Some tried and tested DIY fashion makeover tips

Fashion makeovers have turned popular just as TV entertainment. Now the question is will it be possible in attaining a good outcome with DIY fashion makeover? The answer is yes. Below are some DIY fashion makeover tips that can help one achieve great results. These include,

  • Mix and Match– this is by far the most vital and easiest step. Simply mix and match materials, colors or fashion. Suit jackets teamed with a pair of jeans will look great in the courtroom while wearing the same jeans along with a short summer dress will provide a casual look
  • No difference amid slutty and sexy– Not all girls can actually pull it off. The trick is while wearing a miniskirt there must be no midriff or cleavage exposed. There are three parts, namely the cleavage, thighs and midriff and the rule being just one part at a time
  • Try at throwing something classy– always dare in being different. While wearing jeans team it up with a silk tie and while wearing a suit try in throwing something crimson, golden or metallic which grabs people’s eyeballs. The idea is in surprising those staring at you. In fact, some of the smartest places for putting those surprises will be in your shoes, the shade and style of your handbag or your belt buckle
  • Bring a sunshine on the face with sunglasses– Wear sunglasses that are streamlined and bring sunshine on your face.
  • Wear a hat-The The mere act to don a hat will make you the trendiest girl. But there are some rules that apply here. Firstly, choose it only if you dare. Secondly, you require the panache for carrying it off. Opt for the time tested fedoras and French berets and keep away from baseball hats unless heading towards the stadium.

So if you wish to experiment with DIY fashion to achieve an exclusive and different look then follow the aforementioned tips sincerely and you cannot go wrong. have a look at popular party dress trends in your local stores All the best!!!

Clothing and accessories

Dress styles that are a must in the summertime

It may be challenging determining what to dress in when the temperature goes up and the days grow hotter. You, if at all possible want to have comfort, but don’t really wish to live in just shorts and a t-shirt, and so need to have something that is a bit more on trend. Dresses come in just about every single size, shape and style, so undoubtedly it ought to be relatively easy to discover the best design for you? The following dresses are only a small number of choices for contributing towards your wardroable:


Maxi’s are a lot of fun to wear and incredibly flexible. They promote an attractive elegant outline and tend to be relaxing and flowing in the warmth of the summer months. Maxi’s are excellent for staying cool whilst not revealing nearly all. Maxi dresses are a great selection for any shape and combine well with lady’s high heel sandals or flatter shoes like sandals for anyone who is tall.


Girls of height don’t despair, as wearing a midi will make you look great. A widespread way to dress yourself in a midi dress presently is with a vibrant solid colour teamed up with flat roman sandals or slip-ons and also a designer ladies handbag. You can find these in a Little Black Dress style such as the ones you can see at

The Party Dress

Even though you in all probability don’t want to wear one for a day on the beach front, the party dress comes alive on those warm summer evenings. A chic party dress is the solution to your steamy summer night requirements and will definitely turn heads wherever you go, whether it is a short or a long style. Accessorising is simple, as is putting on a pair of high heels or your best pair of stilettos, grabbing a clutch and popping on some dazzling jewellery.

Shift Dresses

For ladies with a slightly more apple or pear shape, the shift dress is a flattering choice. This design of dress is available to you in a huge range of fabrics, tones and patterns, which means you can go with vivid, summery designs you adore. Another style of dress that effortlessly transfers from relaxed day attire to fashionable evening time attire simply with the addition of high heel sandals.

The Long Shirt Style

If you’d like to be bang on trend, shirt dresses are the growing trend this season. You will find them in a significant range of fabrics and patterns, offering you the option to wear one of these for pretty much any celebration, and mix together with any number of essential accessories. The on trend shirt dress will convey a relaxed, thrown together feel and can certainly be mixed with stilettos or a flatter style, subject to the event.

Clothing and accessories

Wearing Sunglasses at Night Can Get You Arrested in Ohio

The 1984 Corey Hart single “Sunglasses at Night” is still regarded as an anthem for people who bend the rules when it comes to wearing their sunglasses. Indeed, there are people who wear sunglasses at night just because they can. But do that in Ohio and you could get arrested.

It is illegal in the Buckeye State to operate a motor vehicle while being impaired in any way. Known by the acronym ‘OVI’, operating a vehicle while impaired could land you in big trouble. A recent case in point involved a 59-year-old man who was arrested after being observed doing 70 mph in a 35-mph zone. When police finally caught up with him and pulled him over, they discovered he was wearing sunglasses. Why was this a problem? Because it was nighttime.

Not only did he get a speeding ticket, the driver was also cited for OVI. Police determined he was impaired because wearing sunglasses at night prevented him from seeing clearly. The driver objected, telling police officers that wearing his sunglasses was the “best way to see,” according to WKBN News.

The VLT Principal

Though the Ohio man’s fate has yet to be decided by a court, his case raises an interesting question: how dark do sunglasses have to be in order to qualify for an OVI citation at night? The answer is probably more elusive than your typical court knows.

Utah-based Olympic Eyewear explains that sunglasses are rated for two different kinds of light: ultraviolet light and visible light. UV protection doesn’t require any tinting as ultraviolet light cannot be seen by the naked eye. Blocking visible light is another matter. It is accomplished by tinting sunglasses in order to filter out excessive visible light.

Sunglasses are VLT (visible light transmission) rated from 0 to 4. The higher the rating, the more visible light the lenses block. This takes us back to the question of how dark sunglasses have to be in order to deserve an OVI citation?

A pair of sunglasses rated 0 or 1 barely has any tint at all. In fact, there are some tinted prescription lenses that are just as dark as 0 and 1 rated sunglasses. The fact is that measuring impairment is not as easy as it sounds. Alcohol and drug impairment can be determined through both blood analysis and roadside tests. But how do you test for eyewear impairment?

Still Not a Good Idea

It would seem that the Ohio man has a fairly decent chance of beating the OVI charge. Unless Ohio law includes some sort of provision for determining eyewear impairment, it is going to be hard for police to prove in court that the man’s vision was actually impaired.

Having said all of that, wearing sunglasses while driving at night still isn’t a good idea. Your eyes need all of the visible light available to stay safe on the road once the sun goes down. If you don’t think that’s true, conduct a little experiment next time you are a passenger riding in a car at night.

Request to sit in the front seat and then don your sunglasses. Ride for about a minute, then take your sunglasses off and ride for another minute. Then put the sunglasses back on. Do this a few times and you will quickly realize just how much you cannot see with your sunglasses on. You really should not wear them at night unless you have a legitimate medical reason for doing so. And even with such a reason, you absolutely should not drive.

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Your Style Speaks your Personality Thus Make an Impressive Statement

Did you know that the kind of dress you wear the type of hair you set and the accessories you wear all depict your nature and personality? Have you ever observed that when you are tired or depressed, you wear dull colour clothes with bare minimum make up and sometimes you avoid your lenses and go with your same old eye glasses? On the contrary, on a bright sunny day when you’re all charged up, you take your time in getting dressed up with vibrant clothes and best accessories.

Hence, it is true that the way you get dressed up will depict not only your personality, but also your mood. It is also true that not in every situation, you get another chance to impress someone. Therefore, the way you carry yourself will help you make a charming statement of your personality. Dresses can be decided depending upon the occasion, if it formal or casual. However, jewellery should complement your attire in the best way so that when you walk on the carpet, you are able to get attention.

There are numerous sorts of jewellery available in different kinds of metals. Some also prefer gemstones like ruby, sapphire and pearls instead of metal. Pearl is considered a romantic and feminine style, and those who know its elegance and charm will always wear it in right manner. If you want to explore best designs in pearl, then click on this link that will direct you to the best store in Australia, PearlsOnly.

Here is some general information on identifying people and their characteristics with the jewellery they wear –

  • Those who wear big earrings, hanging or loose necklaces with extravagant rings often seem to be bubbly and socially active person. Their vibrant and cheerful personalities draw people’s attention and are often surrounded by people.
  • Those who are nature lovers will wear anything that ids obtained from nature like turquoise earrings, shell necklaces etc. the colours are generally matching the earthy shades like green, blue, brown or beige etc.
  • People who are clam, traditional and family oriented will often wear jewellery that is simple as well as elegant like, pearl.
  • People who are balanced, organized, neat and speak with grace often wear matching set of jewellery.
  • People who wear antique pieces or vintage accessories don’t care about the brand. They are more into art then style.

Bold and elegant styles are important in everyone’s life. If elegant style is perfect for formal occasions, bold style is appropriate for parties and friend’s outing. No matter what you wear, you should be comfortable in it.

Clothing and accessories

How Are Pearls A Girl’s Best Friend?

Compared to diamonds, pearls are its shy cousins. They are demure and luminous. The flighty imagination of any artist, might not fix themselves on these pearls. However, when it does, it’s an obsession like no other. It would even surpass diamonds.

There has been an upsurge in the demand for pearl jewelry over any other. Find more here, on why we can comfortably call pearls, as a girl’s best friend. It’s reported that jewellers like Cartier, Tiffany and Lalique, has seen a manifold increase in the price for pearl-based jewelry. If these pearls are used with other gemstones, then the value skyrockets.

Pearls have been jealously guarded by the royalty of yesteryears. So, even now it is a mark of exclusivity and royal standing. Pearls have a mystical aura, that refines the persona of the wearer’s personality. It gives an ethereal glow to the skin and looks as if the person is washed in an angelic light.

Such an effect on the person who wears it probably comes from its origin. It is one of Mother Nature’s magic. A living creature creates such a beauty, out of its own tissue. It comes from the cool waters, rather than the hard land. So, it is easier for these beauties to get affected by chemicals in perfumes and makeup. However, oil from our skin hydrates them. They have to be cared well.

Pearls are epitomised as a symbol of purity and innocence. It was a common practice to wear pearls, to come out as “debutante”, during the Victorian period. They were also regarded as a lucky charm, to find a suitable husband, for a well-bred young lady of the society. Apart from being the “virginal necklace” during the Season, pearls were part of the suffragette’s movement. They were worn by the activists to denote hope and purity.

Pearls have a mystery about them. They ooze sophistication. From royalty to film sirens to fashionistas, all are enamoured by these gems. Their iridescence and lustre are part of their enigma. In modern times, women of all strata, have pearls as part of their jewelry collection, owing to the development of “Cultured pearls” technology.

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Eye-catching Women’s Cotton Dresses for Any Event!!

Summer is almost here and it’s time to re-arrange your wardrobe. As we are heading towards summer the first preference we all give is to cotton dress which is easy to carry and most importantly it allows you to showcase our style keeping you comfortable in hot days.

No matter what events are on your agenda, we have the cotton dresses you need to look perfectly stylish for the occasion. Are you going to attend wedding? And worried about what to wear as you don’t have time to go out and buy a dress. Worry not, because we have got a wide range of ethnic wear online Check out our evening gowns or try a fit dress with the perfect touch of elegance. We maintain a wide selection of women’s cotton dresses in seasonal shades, such as deep reds for fall, robin’s egg blue for spring, and vibrant green for summer, and rich plums for winter so no matter what season you’re shopping for we’ve got you covered with a broad selection of cotton dresses.

Cuts and Styles for Every Shape.

Finding the right dress for your shape is easy with our extensive line of women’s dresses in nearly every cut. From sleeveless designs to full sleeves, there’s something for everybody shape. Wear a classic silhouette in an A line Kurtis. Highlight your curves in a wrap dress, add definition to your frame with a fitted dress, or draw attention to your legs with a drop waist dress. Tjori has sexy dresses and cute dresses, and well as casual dresses for an easy, effortless, everyday style.

Dresses for Every Season.

Whether you love the length of a maxi dress, or you’re ready to bare some skin in a short, sleeveless style, Tjori has looks you’ll love. With dozens of different looks all year round, you’re sure to find plenty of dresses and ethnic wear that suit your need.

Cotton Dresses in Every Color

Find a dress for you in any palette. Try a form-flattering fitted dress in sharp black and white with bold accents. Pick a medium blue skirt for a casual all-seasons look. Bright yellow, and orange are show-stopping colors that will make a striking statement any time of the year, just like deep jewel tones. A crisp white cotton dress is perfect for summertime.

Hurry, and grab at least one cotton dress because a life filled with dresses is a life well spent!

Clothing and accessories

Weirdest Lingerie for Lovers of the Bizarre

Ah, lingerie – fun and romantic in the bedroom, but also possibly wacky in all other circumstances.

While our ideal lingerie will most likely involve lots of frilly lace, see-throughs or silk, there are some among us who prefer to goof it up with the bizarre. Take a look at the 10 weirdest examples of lingerie to get a glimpse into the world of odd.

Sweet, Sweet Lingerie

Look, we don’t usually mean it quite literally when we say that a piece of clothing looks sweet on someone, but CandyPants take this to a new level.

You can simply pick out some pieces and snack on them if you are feeling a little hungry, or have someone else chew it off you – your choice!

Light It All Up

Perhaps there’s a pun involved somewhere in this piece as breasts are often referred to as headlights in some regions. Or, the pun could be unintentional.

Whatever the case, your bust will surely receive all the attention it is looking for with more than 20 LED light bulbs shining and blinking in the dark!

Stay Anonymous

Prefer not to have your face seen because you are feeling a tad shy? There’s always this option that can mask your face with opaque materials while still enabling you to display your body. It even has pearl-like beads lining the bottom!

Sports Night

This sports-inspired lingerie celebrates your favourite sports team with its coloured ribbons, logos and a cute fluffy puff to match.

Wear this at home and celebrate your team’s victories or have a fun sports-themed lingerie night with your besties!

Step Up Your Game

Are you really limiting your lingerie to a bra and panties? This galaxy-themed garments even features hooded rompers and furry leg warmers to match! Perhaps this piece can also be worn to a space-themed music festival.

It’s A Bush Down Here

Is this hairy-looking underwear supposed to attract or deter its wearer’s courters? We surely are confused! While the hairs are – thankfully – not made from real pubic hair, the sight of this bizarre underwear is sure to confuse anyone who lays their eyes on it.


Gift yourself to your partner for any special occasions with this barely-there lingerie! All you need to do is tie it up around yourself, and you’re all set to go. One pull on the ribbon strap is all it takes for the entire piece to unravel!


OK, let’s make it clear upfront that this lingerie is not meant to be worn. This unique lingerie shaped only from recycled soda cans looks impressive, if not painful to wear.

Each set includes the bra, garter and underwear, and the collection is aptly called Trashy Lingerie.

My Hashi Bra

Japan went the extra mile with recycling chopsticks this time with this unique chopstick bra look. Celebrate the Japanese culture with a miso soup bowl on your left cup, a rice bowl on your right and collapsible chopsticks held at the holster to each side of the cups.

GPS-Enabled Lingerie

While this lacy lingerie with a faux pearl collar might look cute at first, after first glance you might notice a small device near the waist. It has a GPS feature so that you can find the wearer, but the feedback has been questionable so far.

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Australian Style Institute: Best Fashion and Styling School

The fashion and style industry have been one of the fast-rising industry in the world today. It has created jobs for many such as: fashion designing, hair and make up styling, and styling per se, and many more. Thus, making fashion and styling one of the most in demand careers of today.

Pursuing a career on that field is not that hard, especially now. Many schools have been and starting to offer fashion and style courses. But, if you want a school that focuses on fashion and style, then Australian Style Institute is the best school for you. For the past 6 years they have been Producing World Leading Fashion Stylists.

It does not matter whether you are just starting anew; or you just wanted to widen your horizon or learn more about fashion and style; or you are a struggling stylist – Australian Style Institute will bring out the best stylist in you. And today, when everything we wear – from our head down to our shoes – are inspired by stylist, this world might give you opportunities that will help you grow

Courses They Offer

Fashion is vast and broad. It does not only focus on one thing. It comprises of hair, make up, clothes, shoes, and even accessories and jewelry. And choosing a course that will show and exhibit your talent as a stylist is really hard, especially when you are unsure of which path to take.

Good thing, Australian Style Institute offers you, you, and you a wide range of courses you can choose from. Courses that will equip you with skills and knowledge that will get you job ready. Making you one of the Leading Fashion Stylists Australia will ever have.

The courses you can choose from is listed below:

  • Masters of Advance Professional Styling– Be your own leader with this course. And create and manage your own business.
  • Advanced Certificate of Creative Fashion Styling– If you want to work as a commercial, editorial, and celebrity stylist, this is the course for you. This course will develop your creative styling skills, allowing you to work with celebrities in styling editorial photo shoots and coordinating runway shows.
  • Certificate of Professional Styling and Image– This course is best for those who wants to pursue a career as a professional personal stylist. In this course, you will learn all the essentials in becoming a personal stylist.
  • Online Certificate of Personal Styling – In this course, you will be introduced to fashion style industry; helping you gain self confidence and personal style through clothing and shopping strategies.

Why Choose Australian Style Institute

To become a Leading Fashion Stylists Australia, you should choose a school that is known for Producing World Leading Fashion Stylists.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Australian Style Institute:

  • Offers you flexible course arrangements.
  • Provides you with expert mentoring.
  • World class facilities
  • The only styling institute with unique and proven Styling Success System.
  • With Wide Stylist Resourced Library
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Custom-Made Dresses Ensure That You’ll Get Something Special

Special occasions such as proms and weddings deserve special dresses and when you can’t find something in the stores that you like, it might be time to look for a dressmaker. These professionals offer a wide variety of dresses in all designs and colours and most of them can even custom design something just for you, which means that you are guaranteed to get something beautiful in the end. Best of all, getting a personalised dress costs a lot less than you might think.

Easier Than You Think

It isn’t complicated to get a dress that is made just for you and the right dress maker in Solihull offers advantages that include:

  • Prom dresses
  • Bridesmaids’ dresses
  • First Communion dresses
  • Dress alterations
  • Hundreds of colours to choose from

Whatever you need, they can provide it to you and they offer both standard and custom-made dresses to ensure that you get something that is unique from the others.

You Deserve Something Special

A special occasion is a great opportunity to purchase a brand-new dress because few things make women feel good about themselves as much as buying a new dress. Whether you want something made of satin or taffeta, something light pink or navy blue, something sleeveless or short-sleeved, the right dressmaker will see that you get it. That person will also make sure that it fits perfectly so you look stunning each time that you wear it. Many of them also have excellent websites that show samples of their work, which means that when you meet with them, you’ll have at least an idea of what you might want.

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Knitting Beautiful Clothes With The Right Type Of Yarn

Nicely dressed guys are appreciated by all whereas few guys are seen wearing a poor type of attire that sometimes makes them a matter of laughter amongst the onlookers. Making of a shirt, pant, short, sweater or other such clothes requires the right type of yarn that is made available by the manufacturers or vendors.

Those in the market to choose yarns of any type should focus on the following tips:

  • What do you need – It is wise to think about your specific needs with regard to yarns that you wish to use for making any clothing. Few of you may need the same for knitting winter clothes like sweaters or coats etc while many manufactures need yarns for making summer clothes or raincoats etc. It is good to prepare a list about your needs for different yarns that you wish to use for making different clothes.
  • Quantity – Small weavers may need fewer quantities of yarns while large sized cloth manufacturers need the same in huge quantities. Likewise big traders of yarns may need to contact the manufacturers for larger quantities of yarns. Make a list of the yarns with regard to their quantity before buying.
  • Wide hunt – Those in need of yarn may contact the yarn manufacturers or vendors that supply the same. Few of your relatives or friends may know them and could refer you to the reliable suppliers. Go through the newspapers and surf the internet. Many manufacturers and suppliers post their profiles through their own websites. Approach them and demand quotations from them. Prepare a comparison chart before contracting with anyone. Be wise to have interaction with the representatives of the companies to know about their products and services. Go through the customers’ reviews as these people are the right sources for finding reliable suppliers.
  • Quality – You must always buy quality yarns for preparing any type of cloth. Focus should be emphasized on the companies that enjoy great repute in the market. No inexperienced or unreliable concern should ever be booked for meeting the needs.
  • Guarantee and warranty – It is wise to ask for these two before making the payment for yarns. Anything going wrong with the yarns within the stipulated periods should be made good by the suppliers. They should replace the defective yarns with the new stuff without asking for any payment for the same. As such be suggested to demand written guarantee and warranty in your own interest.
  • Price – Last but not the least is the price that you pay for the yarns that you procure from any company. It should charge reasonable rates for its supplies. But do not just insist on money alone as the companies asking the lowest prices for the yarns may supply poor stuff. So be wise to pay some extra dollars but purchase the right quality yarns as the poor stuff may result in poor clothes.

Need any type of yarn! Go through the above tips, grasp them and adhere to the same while purchasing the stuff.