A captivating transition happened in the retail industry over the last five to ten years. It involves good marketing. Everyone has become so used to easy and cheap social media marketing or SMM that we have relied on them so much as the main means of reaching clients or customers. Well, it is a big mistake.

The nature of social media makes it a short-lived marketing platform. What businesses post today will be irrelevant in a couple of hours? As a matter of fact, what people post in the morning is old news before you even take your lunch? That is why relying on this type of marketing strategy as your company’s primary way of reaching clients might actually be counterproductive.

There are other ways to market designer eyewear outside of social media platforms. They are not necessarily very easy, like typing a simple post and sending it to every channel of your business. But these things are more rewarding when it comes to driving traffic to your website and selling more sunglasses. Listed below are some of these marketing strategies.

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Talk to local media firms

Local media means television stations, newspapers, radio stations, or magazines. These outlets do not relish bad news anymore. They are looking for more opportunities to help out local businesses by featuring their success stories.

They are always looking for happy and feel-good stories. Companies can contact them and ask if they are willing to do a feature on their business. The best thing to do is to approach these things with a good story to tell. A rags-to-riches tale can attract a lot of attention from future customers. Perhaps your business is introducing a new line of designer eyepieces. If the story is interesting enough, media platforms will pick it up.

Create email newsletters

Consumers appreciate receiving email newsletters from time to time, especially from their favorite companies or brands. Consumers of sunglasses are not an exception. Create email newsletters, so you can publish them weekly or monthly. Do not send people emails every day because that is how your email goes to the spam folder.

You are most likely to turn away clients who do not want to see so much of your company or brand. These newsletters can introduce people to new models of sunglasses. It can include posts about various kinds of eyepieces like Saint Laurent Glasses and other brands or models.

People can even use them to promote the latest discounts or bargains. Whatever businesses do, they need to make sure that their information is connected to the product they are selling. If it is all babble and chatter, people will immediately unsubscribe to them.

Sponsor local events

People love businesses that get involved in their local community. That is why companies need to get involved in local events as a seller or sponsor. Especially now that the world is starting to reopen from the shutdowns caused by the coronavirus, people will be pretty attentive to companies that make an effort to open up their businesses to the community. This summer and spring could be an excellent opportunity to market products through local event sales and sponsorships.