Ah, lingerie – fun and romantic in the bedroom, but also possibly wacky in all other circumstances.

While our ideal lingerie will most likely involve lots of frilly lace, see-throughs or silk, there are some among us who prefer to goof it up with the bizarre. Take a look at the 10 weirdest examples of lingerie to get a glimpse into the world of odd.

Sweet, Sweet Lingerie

Look, we don’t usually mean it quite literally when we say that a piece of clothing looks sweet on someone, but CandyPants take this to a new level.

You can simply pick out some pieces and snack on them if you are feeling a little hungry, or have someone else chew it off you – your choice!

Light It All Up

Perhaps there’s a pun involved somewhere in this piece as breasts are often referred to as headlights in some regions. Or, the pun could be unintentional.

Whatever the case, your bust will surely receive all the attention it is looking for with more than 20 LED light bulbs shining and blinking in the dark!

Stay Anonymous

Prefer not to have your face seen because you are feeling a tad shy? There’s always this option that can mask your face with opaque materials while still enabling you to display your body. It even has pearl-like beads lining the bottom!

Sports Night

This sports-inspired lingerie celebrates your favourite sports team with its coloured ribbons, logos and a cute fluffy puff to match.

Wear this at home and celebrate your team’s victories or have a fun sports-themed lingerie night with your besties!

Step Up Your Game

Are you really limiting your lingerie to a bra and panties? This galaxy-themed garments even features hooded rompers and furry leg warmers to match! Perhaps this piece can also be worn to a space-themed music festival.

It’s A Bush Down Here

Is this hairy-looking underwear supposed to attract or deter its wearer’s courters? We surely are confused! While the hairs are – thankfully – not made from real pubic hair, the sight of this bizarre underwear is sure to confuse anyone who lays their eyes on it.


Gift yourself to your partner for any special occasions with this barely-there lingerie! All you need to do is tie it up around yourself, and you’re all set to go. One pull on the ribbon strap is all it takes for the entire piece to unravel!


OK, let’s make it clear upfront that this lingerie is not meant to be worn. This unique lingerie shaped only from recycled soda cans looks impressive, if not painful to wear.

Each set includes the bra, garter and underwear, and the collection is aptly called Trashy Lingerie.

My Hashi Bra

Japan went the extra mile with recycling chopsticks this time with this unique chopstick bra look. Celebrate the Japanese culture with a miso soup bowl on your left cup, a rice bowl on your right and collapsible chopsticks held at the holster to each side of the cups.

GPS-Enabled Lingerie

While this lacy lingerie with a faux pearl collar might look cute at first, after first glance you might notice a small device near the waist. It has a GPS feature so that you can find the wearer, but the feedback has been questionable so far.