Compared to diamonds, pearls are its shy cousins. They are demure and luminous. The flighty imagination of any artist, might not fix themselves on these pearls. However, when it does, it’s an obsession like no other. It would even surpass diamonds.

There has been an upsurge in the demand for pearl jewelry over any other. Find more here, on why we can comfortably call pearls, as a girl’s best friend. It’s reported that jewellers like Cartier, Tiffany and Lalique, has seen a manifold increase in the price for pearl-based jewelry. If these pearls are used with other gemstones, then the value skyrockets.

Pearls have been jealously guarded by the royalty of yesteryears. So, even now it is a mark of exclusivity and royal standing. Pearls have a mystical aura, that refines the persona of the wearer’s personality. It gives an ethereal glow to the skin and looks as if the person is washed in an angelic light.

Such an effect on the person who wears it probably comes from its origin. It is one of Mother Nature’s magic. A living creature creates such a beauty, out of its own tissue. It comes from the cool waters, rather than the hard land. So, it is easier for these beauties to get affected by chemicals in perfumes and makeup. However, oil from our skin hydrates them. They have to be cared well.

Pearls are epitomised as a symbol of purity and innocence. It was a common practice to wear pearls, to come out as “debutante”, during the Victorian period. They were also regarded as a lucky charm, to find a suitable husband, for a well-bred young lady of the society. Apart from being the “virginal necklace” during the Season, pearls were part of the suffragette’s movement. They were worn by the activists to denote hope and purity.

Pearls have a mystery about them. They ooze sophistication. From royalty to film sirens to fashionistas, all are enamoured by these gems. Their iridescence and lustre are part of their enigma. In modern times, women of all strata, have pearls as part of their jewelry collection, owing to the development of “Cultured pearls” technology.