Seed beads is a term that refers to an entire section of glass, normally small beads that have been used for adornment for the past 150 years. The Czech Republic is a well-known producing country of glass seed beads, and they’ve gained high reputation in the jewellery production industry for making high quality seed beads. The first seed beads were produced in Italy from round tubes producing round seed beads, and the Italian have enjoyed the monopoly of making the seed beads for years. However, most of the seed beads in production today are made mainly in Czech or in Japan.

The Czech glass seed beads are made and delivered from many locations, making the complete process a little bit longer compared to other country’s production process. This long process of production causes the manufacturing process to be very distinctive, as the complete product line is not made within the walls of a single factory. This is why Czech seed beads exhibits some natural irregularities in shapes, sizes and in colours. Seed beads have become increasingly popular, they’ve been used as decoration on clothes and other items, and the Czech seed beads were used in traditional Native American regalia and requires a high level of skill to work with.

The beauty of the Czech glass bead products, is that they have a slight variations and an individual quality, this takes great dedication with a good eye and skilled hand to produce such fascinating beads. Czech seed beads come in a variety of shapes such as the traditional charlotte with one side faceted for additional sparkle and the long bugle tube. Czech glass bead has been famous for more than 150 years, and most beaders always prefer working with the Czech glass seed beads because they know the production process involves and supports individual families. In many cases, the seed beads allowed people to enhance their outfits much more elaborately than had previously been possible. In the present day, there are different shapes of tubes which are used to make seed beads, and they give us different shapes of these beautiful beads, Seed beads are also placed on thread and sewn into elaborate patterns.

The seed beads market is now dominated by the Czech, Simply because they offer a dynamic colour change, a softer look with an alluring glassy feel, these beads are highly requested by customers and gratefully provided from makers in the small factories of the Czech Republic. The style of Czech glass beads is also sought after because of the uniform smooth holes that help with stringing. Seed beads are strung on strands to produce jewellery and lampshades, woven on looms to produce articles of clothing and other household items.

Many of the people that uses seed beads prefer the look the Czech glass seed beads provides, with most of them claiming they give a more homemade and crafty look to the beads, and in terms of cost, the Czech’s are cheaper when compared to others like the Japanese Delicas.