Professional Uniform for Your Business with Embroidered Workwear

Do you need branded uniforms or workwear for your employees? You can add your company logo to shirts, t-shirts, fleeces, and more through embroidery.

Workwear embroidered with logos can be used to promote your business and brand image on a variety of different garments.

What are the benefits of embroidered workwear?

We have listed some of the main advantages of embroidered logos so you can decide if you want your logo printed or embroidered onto uniforms.

A professional appearance

The way your employees present themselves to the public is crucial to portraying a positive company image. Because embroidery looks so great on clothing, embroidery remains one of the most popular methods for businesses to brand themselves.

Embroidery results in high quality, well designed branding on any garment. Potential customers notice the uniform of members of staff right away, so if your staff wears a high quality shirt with an embroidered logo, they are likely to leave with a good first impression of your business.


The uniforms of staff are worn every day, so they are likely to undergo some wear and tear and endless washing cycles. Therefore, investing in good quality branding is a wise decision.

An embroidered logo is stitched into the fabric, so it won’t fade or stretch over time like a printed one. As a result, quality embroidery is a cost-effective investment in the long run due to its long-lasting durability, which enables it to still look brand new years down the road, without the necessity of repurchasing.

A wide selection of colours and threads

Are you aware that any one logo set can include up to fourteen colours with our embroidery machines? This process will work to represent your brand on the workwear of your choice, unless your logo is incredibly intricate.

In addition, there is a huge choice of thread styles, with each having its own particular “finish.” For example, metallic threads, matte threads and fire resistant threads are available.

Representation of the brand

If your logo is professionally embroidered on your workwear, it can reinforce your company’s identity. Representing your brand as powerfully as possible is always worth the investment.

It is important to ensure that your brand is physically represented on uniforms, even embroidered ones.

The clothing items worn on the way to and from work can be used to promote your business outside of working hours, too. That can help you get more recognition.

Works on a range of products

A wide range of products, ranges, and material types can be embroidered with embroidery, from denim to fleece, and almost anything in between.

It is a good idea to use the same branding method on all of your workwear items in order to maintain consistency. As a result, the overall company uniform you’re looking to build will be more professional.

When you’re conceptualizing your uniform, Epic Embroidery experts will advise you on the best embroidery type for your fabric and product. Don’t forget to reach and we will be happy to assist you!