Whether you own a business or simply manage one, you are under constant pressure to find any and all ways available to make as much money as possible. In most cases, you are openly judged on your failures while your successes are forgotten or ignored. To keep those who would see you fail at bay and push your business toward success, you need to focus on every money-saving opportunity you can find. The right decisions just might make the difference between seeing your restaurant, pub, club, or bar succeed or fall behind.

You likely buy your food and drinks wholesale already, but there are far more wholesale opportunities of which you can take advantage to save money. Wholesale cleaning supplies are one such opportunity, and you should seriously consider this as an alternative to buying whatever you need as you need it.

For example, spray cleaning products and paper hand towels regularly run out in restaurants, and you may find yourself tempted to fill the bottles with soapy water rather than put the money down for expensive new cleaner. However, this will not effectively disinfect surfaces, putting your establishment at risk for a number of issues. To cut prices down and keep the health and safety of your customers up, you need to consider wholesale purchases.

Save Money

When you choose to buy wholesale cleaning products, you save an enormous amount of money over the course of a year. In the food and drink service industry, small savings wherever possible add up quickly as there are several variables to consider with each year. If you manage or own a restaurant or similar establishment, wholesale cleaning supplies allow you to reduce the number of times you must restock each year and help you maintain your supplies for a lower overall cost. The couple hundred pounds you save by choosing to buy wholesale can be put toward a whole range of needs for the establishment, and you are sure to save much more than that in a year.

Save Time

It may not seem as if you are losing too much time at first, but a few minutes here and there may quickly add up to hours lost. The time you spent running over to the shops to resupply over the course of a year may total up to days of time lost that could have been spent improving the business and making sales. When you order wholesale, you dramatically reduce the time you spend running to shops to nearly zero each year and you save even more so by ordering online. With the time saved, focus on aspects of your business that could use a bit of extra work.


Wholesale supplies are a business’s best friend, as you can get a large quantity of items for a far lower price than you could get them separately. Imagine buying twenty spray bottles for the price of ten from the local shops. Even if you do not know the wholesaler personally, the deals you find will make the switch a matter of course.