An automatic or electric hand dryer is a device commonly found in public washrooms today. It is a device that blasts hot air to help dry wet hands, as an alternative to paper towels. The device is usually mounted on the wall in lieu of paper towels. They are excellent for the environment and provide many benefits for users and business owners. They are also becoming more and more popular, as well as more advanced. Technology is improving, and so are automatic hand dryers, drying hands faster and with more efficiency.

How Do Automatic Hand Dryers Work?

Automatic hand dryers work in a similar way to a hair dryer. There is a space to place your hands for drying, and the device’s sensors detect motion. Once motion is detected, the device turns on and blasts hot air to dry both sides of your hands at once. It usually takes less than 20 seconds to fully dry your hands. Depending on the model, it may be much quicker.

There are many brands of automatic hand dryers offering different technologies and designs. In the past decade, hand dryers have greatly improved and have been streamlined to offer better and faster drying ability.

Benefits of Automatic Hand Dryers

There are many benefits to choosing an automatic hand dryer. Here are a few of the main benefits:

Save Money

While the initial cost of an automatic electric hand dryer may be higher than a paper towel dispenser, long term and usage costs are significantly lower. On average, automatic hand dryer cost less than $50 a year to run, versus maintaining a paper towel dispenser, which costs roughly around $700 annually.

Help The Environment

By choosing automatic dryers, you are helping the environment. Paper towels are thrown away after use, which adds to landfills. An automatic hand dryer uses electricity efficiently, producing no waste product. You can cut down on waste a lot by choosing automatic hand dryers. The Mitsubishi Jet Towel hand dryer is an excellent option for efficiency and cutting down on waste.

Improved Hygiene

Hands that are washed and fully dried are cleaner than damp hands. If you fully dry your hands, you will greatly reduce the spread of bacteria. While you can achieve dry hands with paper towel, it takes longer. So, with automatic hand dryers, you can be more hygienic much more quickly.

Reduce Vandalism

Paper towels are often present in vandalism, clogging toilets and sinks, and sometimes lead to flooding. To reduce vandalism and avoid this issue, hand dryers can help. Hand dryers are durable and damage resistant as well, so you can reduce damage repair.

Always Ready for Use

Unlike paper towel dispensers that require frequent maintenance and refilling, hand dryers are ready for use 24 hours a day without any refills, or other maintenance. Since the machines turn on automatically, guests can control when they need their hands dried. Once the machine doesn’t detect any motion for a few seconds it will shut off automatically. Also, hand dryers rarely run into issues or require servicing. In the long run, hand dryers are your best option for keeping your customers happy, your washrooms clean, and for cutting the costs of your business.