Whether it’s the sounds of a soft cascade or the peaceful and slow movements of the fish, homeowners receive a great deal of enjoyment from their ponds or water gardens. You might say that “serenity” is the first word that comes to mind. Ponds also attract wildlife in the form of deer or birds.

Enhancing the Looks of Your Yard with a Water Installation

As the weather turns warmer, residents often want to improve the looks of their yards and landscapes. That is when they start thinking about installing a pond or water garden. During the warmer months, the fish become more active, the plants take on a lush appearance, and the algae has to be regularly checked.

Therefore, it is often during the months of May and June that water gardens begin to take form—a creation that features floating lilies and flowers and the croaking of frogs. In fact, some people enjoy their ponds so much that they have to install several pond pumps. For instance, some homeowners maintain an upper and lower pond, which together hold a significant amount of water. All that water is meant to hold as much as 40 to 50 fish at one time.

Adding the Accoutrements

Most people like to include koi fish in their pond, which can be quite spectacular to observe. Goldfish are typically added to the mix as well. You can also include fish that eat mosquito larvae so you won’t be affected by the bugs. Ponds can be designed with a variety of rocks as well, including quartz and mica. Mica is well-liked because it sparkles in the sun.

Homeowners often include waterfalls in their ponds as well. Because of its gentle sounds, the water from a cascade is also useful for drowning out any outside noise. When you have a water garden or pond, it is also a joy to watch the gathering of wildlife. In addition, the pond is a place where you can reflect. You don’t get that kind of impact from any other type of landscape.

Building and Installing a Pond

When building a pond, you can have it customised or choose a pond kit for the construction. Pond kits are pre-built and feature all the necessary materials to create a backyard pond. Most kits include items such as a skimmer, filter, pump, hose, liner, fittings and sealants, underlayment, maintenance treatments, and directions.

If you hire a contractor to do the work, they often use pond kits as well. In many instances, custom-built ponds begin with the materials in a kit. However, the professionals go one step further by adding aesthetics to the pond. Most ponds are naturalised with the placement of plants, rocks, and boulders.

It may be better to hire a professional for the work as they have experience with pond design and installation and can customise the pond to your property’s configurations as well as your specifications. It also will take less time if you use the services of a contractor. After all is said and done, you will likely be glad that you made the choice.