Metal or Wooden Trophies

If you are choosing trophies for a corporate event, a sports team, or some other kind of honour, you should consider hiring them from a specialist. If you choose bespoke awards for your event, you can customise them to fit your needs perfectly. They’ll fit you and the person to whom you are awarding them. Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose the materials for your awards. Two of the most common materials are metal and wood; the most common metal is stainless steel.

Metal or Timber?

Horley engraving companies offer many different options for your bespoke awards.

  • Wooden signs are earthy and warm; they evoke earth tones and timeless aesthetics.
  • A metal sign is colder and more industrial; it is much more modern.
  • A wooden sign will likely be lighter in weight than a metal sign but it will need to be kept away from moisture.
  • A metal sign will be heavier but it will likely be waterproof. Stainless steel also does not rust. You just need to make sure that you keep it free from corrosion.


Whatever type of trophy you choose, you should make sure that you choose bespoke engraving from a quality engraver. The quality engraver is one that will provide you with the best possible options because you will be able to engrave it with anything that you want it to say. Also, a custom engraving can combine unique features that make it personal for the recipient. These are just a few of the most common wooden and metal trophy options.