1. Riedell Angel Indoor Roller Skates

These roller skates have been reviewed the best roller skates for women in 2018. Riedel has created many roller skates, with the development of interest of women in skating, Riedell has also contributed in making roller skates for women. Many women has developed skating as hobbies and a casual work out for busting stress and at the same time burning calories. Many women prefer to practice skating indoor so Riedell Roller Skates doe women is the best pick.

Why Riedell Angel Indoor Roller Skates the best- (indoor)

  • Riedell skates are the best indoor skates because of the following advantages:
  • The roller plate is made up of Power Dyne Thrust Nylon which gives a sloppy feeling while skating.
  • These skates have four wheels, hence help in maintaining a proper balance and good aerodynamic condition.
  • These skates come in two colours black and shiny white for that extra style factor.
  • Riedell skates are available in all different sizes and different shape of angel for women.
  • ABEC-5 bearing can load an imbalance pressure for a long time, hence it’s durable.
  • Can glide over any surface- wooden, oily surface or carpeted smooth floor.
  • Wheel designing is according to women’s body shape and weight.


  • Works best on oily surface as it has rubber coated wheels.
  • The jack row in the wheel helps in gliding over carpet floor.
  • The plates with the boots are extra varnished and helps in maintaining movement.
  • Boots can be adjusted easily by tightening up the lace.


Riedell roller skates for women might not work properly in tacky or uneven surface.

  1. Roller Derby Roller Skates for Women

Since 30 years, Roller Derby Skates for women has been in a supreme position in the choice of rollers skates for women. This skates covers all the demand whether enjoyment, practice or positioning. These skates meet the demand of all the women whether its smoothness, balance or proper shaping.

Why Roller Derby Roller Skates for Women the best- (outdoor)

  • It has memory foam padding which provides comfort.
  • It has two finger mode locking buckles with locking cam lever.
  • It has round shaped speedy wheels of 80mm for elite speeding.
  • It has Gold 7 Race series bearings rated by BEVO.
  • To maintain the temperature of the skates, it has net foamed standard material.

These roller skates for women are best for any outdoor surface, let it be jungle, racing track, road or field, they work perfectly on all the surface. The aluminium made wheel is compatible with any surface riding in outdoor. The long oriented service and beautiful designs attracts the women. The security locks makes them the best outdoor roller skates for women.