If you happen to be a professional event planner, this article is likely to be of little interest – although it could serve as a reminder of the many things to arrange – but for the rest of us, the following information is essential. Assuming, of course, you have a budget in mind and adequate time to make the necessary arrangements, the long list of essential services should be listed (in order or priority) and systematically sourced. One thing to bear in mind is that people who provide for weddings have a pretty full calendar, and if you want the best, make early bookings, especially if the wedding is a summer one, and with that in mind, here are a list of essential services that you simply can’t do without.

  • The Flowers – No wedding would be complete without floral arrangements, and this is something to outsource. There are affordable floral decorations in Brisbane that will ensure the big day sees an impressive array of tasteful bouquets that adorn the venue. There are many companies that offer wedding flower packages in Brisbane, and indeed every other Australian city for that matter, and with a Google search, you will soon have a list of potential florists and you can begin your quest. As a guide, a firm that supplies bouquets in Brisbane would insist on an initial consultation, which will give them the information they need to deliver the right displays, and once you have found an established company, that’s one more item to tick on the “to do” list.
  • Hiring a Wedding Videographer – The term photographer is outdated, as all couples want a professionally edited wedding video, along with a long list of stunning still images. Once again, your digital buddy, Google, comes to the rescue, and with a few potential web addresses at your fingertips, you can begin your quest for the perfect wedding videographer. The professional might want to see some examples of the planned floral arrangements as these will provide the essential backdrops for many of the images. Once you have Brisbane wedding bouquets organised and a professional videographer booked, you can relax and focus on other essentials.
  • The Bride’s Transport – Not to be forgotten, make sure you book an appropriate limousine to take the bride to the wedding venue, and there are stunning stretch limos available if you’d like to really turn heads, or the more traditional white luxury saloon car, which would be draped in ribbons and comes complete with a uniformed chauffeur. If you are stuck for a good car hire company, talk to wedding florists in Brisbane, who would have a close working relationship with such a provider.
  • Parking Facilities – If you are using a hotel or resort, then you have no parking concerns, and only need to ensure that all the guests have easy to follow directions, which should be included in the wedding invitation package sent out earlier. If you’ve opted for a home wedding, then you will need to provide ample parking, and this might involve some assistance from the neighbours.
  • The Entertainment – Whether you are opting for some live music or a disco type setting, make sure you have something booked early. If you are providing the entertainment yourself, make a few very long playlists and if your home theatre isn’t up to the task, you can rent a sound system from a local party hire company, along with disco lights and a dance floor. Try to have a few intervals for the bride, groom and best man to say a few words, and if there happens to be a comedian on the guest list, you can ask them to provide amusing interludes in the music.

Of course, there are many other essential services to arrange, and providing you book early, all the services will be ready on the big day and the wedding will be one that all the guests remember for a long time to come.