Travel Shoes Celebrities Wear

Being a Celebrity is not an easy task, most of the time, it needs a comfy pair of shoes or sandals to keep you on the go to meet the demands that a celebrity’s schedule would. We personally have our selection of comfortable footwear we use on a daily basis.

When looking for something that you are going to wear everywhere, sometimes, you have to compromise style over comfort or the other way around. Let’s look into the few comfortable shoes and brands from that celebrities love to wear.

Adidas Superstars

One of the more stylish yet simple approaches to the problem, Adidas Superstar has always garnered a place in the hearts of celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Pink. It’s comfortable footwear that fits right into black and white clothing and a few blings. The shoes are so ambidextrous that you can match it with almost anything you can find in your wardrobe. So if you are looking to have a busy day, the Adidas Superstars can be your bae.

Vans Slip-On

Another worthwhile buy when you are at the shop, Vans Slip-on shoes lets you turn heads as your feet have a 5-star shiatsu massage. This is exceptional in busy days and could endure the sweat and the stress that you might need to fulfill your schedule. Regardless, this rugged skater shoe can be a princess’ best friend.


Now, the thing with white PUMA Women’s Basket Platform Pearlized WN’s Fashion Sneaker is the style and sophisticated vibe it brings to your everyday clothing choices. Not only does it shine behind your tight jeans, but it also shows the neatness and also shows how you’re not scared to get dirty. Pumas are fantastic travel buddies that will sure to entertain and keep your feet extra comfortable.

Adidas Original Stan Smith

There is something about Adidas that celebrities love, and that is how these beautiful shoes bring the fashion and the comfort that these celebrities need. A design made for tennis players in 1971 to withstand the agility that a tennis player demands. The Adidas Original Stan Smith design has persevered and still now, provides the best comfort your feet could wear. Even Sienna Miller admits that The Stan Smith Adidas shoe is everything that a shoe has to be. And she is right. A dynamic design with astonishing comfort.

Creepers For Puma

Try this sleek and stylish Puma Shoes, and you will never part from it. An athletic, yet comfortable take on the regular Puma shoes, this bad boy can bring a lot of attention your way. With its luscious design and simple outlines, this shoe can match almost anything you can whip up in your closet. Want an amazing day? Use the Creepers for Puma.

There you have it, five of the most fantastic shoe celebrities enjoy to wear in their day to day life. Whether it be walking about in their off days or running around in their busy ones, one thing is for sure, and that is their love for these comfortable shoes – shoes that are ridiculously stylish and amazingly comfortable.