5 Benefits That Will Convince Men to Do Yoga

In the lumberjack world of masculinity, some guys can have a tough time putting down the heavy equipment, shrugging off their quilted plaid jackets and slipping into something a little more breathable. Thankfully, these benefits of yoga are so indisputably powerful that guys will be buying yoga mats and blocks in bulk.

Check ’em out.

  1. Yoga Improves Sex

Let’s lead with the heavy hitter. Not only does yoga just make you feel better about your body by increasing body awareness, strength, flexibility and consequently, confidence, but many of the postures in yoga focus on increasing core strength and breathing, which will also go a long way to enhance stamina between the sheets.

  1. Yoga Increases Athleticism

Because yoga increases respiration, strength and focus, it can also help guys improve their athletic performance, whether they’re pro or amatuer status.

And bonus: Unlike many athletic improvement trends, you can do yoga any time, anywhere, with little to no equipment, so you don’t need to break the bank suiting up to stretch it out.

  1. Yoga Can Sculpt the Core

You know those pesky pounds sitting around your midsection? Yoga can help you shed the weight. How? Yoga’s relaxing properties reduce unhealthy levels of cortisol, which contribute to excess stomach fat. Combine this with the fact that many yoga postures focus on core conditioning, and you’ve got a recipe for a six pack in the making.

  1. Yoga Prevents and Rehabilitates Injury

Whether it be a nasty injury from playing football or sitting at a desk for too long, yoga stretches, strengthens and releases tension in ligaments, muscles and joints, thereby not only helping to prevent future injuries, but to help recover from past ones.

  1. Yoga Promotes Better Sleep

That’s right! A regular yoga practice can help you catch some quality z’s. How? Simple. By creating a sense of relaxation, focus and calm, yoga helps you meet the sandman with greater ease. It’s just like any kind of exercise, really. Yoga helps create and sustain an optimal chemical balance – notably, healthy levels of the hormone serotonin, which is a major factor in regulating sleep and mood. This allows you to focus when you need to focus, unwind when you need to unwind, and sleep when you need to sleep.

The difference between yoga’s ability to work this particular magic and many other forms of exercise is that too much strenuous exercise has been shown to raise cortisol levels and cause disrupted mood and sleep, whereas there is never too much yoga.

So ditch the excuses and grab a mat! It’s time to channel the crap out of your chakras.