Bathroom Without Storage Space

You will find small bathroom designs in many modern apartments and houses. Some bathroom decor designs are so small that they do not even have cabinets, vanity storage, or even drawers for storage. Using a bathroom without storage can be very difficult. You will not be able to keep the frequently used item within your hand’s reach and the interiors will appear unorganised. To make the task easier, here are a few tips that you can follow:

01 of 05 Add a shelving unit for storage

Most bathroom designs feature drawers or cabinets under the sink. If you do not have one, you can consider placing a shelving unit next to it. Make sure you choose the right shelving unit. Experts suggest choosing shelves that open to the side. This will help to make your bathroom interiors neat and clutter-free. Also, accessing the items stored on the shelves will be easier when you are standing in front of the sink. Many people have dead wall space above the toilet. You can make use of the space by hanging a shelving unit just above the toilet. This will increase the bathroom storage space. Just make sure that the depth of the shelving unit is minimal.

02 of 05 Install hooks for additional storage space

When you do not have storage in your bathroom design, using hooks is a brilliant idea. You can install hooks almost anywhere to create additional bathroom storage space. They are perfect for hanging things in your bathroom. They can include your clothes, towels, loofah, brush, etc. Since hooks are very small and require very little space, you can install them almost anywhere depending on your preferences. This will make using your bathroom more convenient. Moreover, you can get hooks in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and materials. You can choose anyone you like and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the space. Some people do not have drill machines in their homes and cannot install one without professional assistance. To avoid any such complications, you can buy hooks with adhesive on the backside. Sticking them to the wall is very easy.

03 of 05 Opt for a shower caddy

If you have a small bathroom, there is a high chance that you are low on space in the bath. To deal with such problems, experts suggest opting for a shower caddy. It is the perfect solution to your shower storage issue. They are designed to accommodate all your shower essentials and keep the shower area neat and organised. Make sure that you put some thought into buying the shower caddy and not randomly choose it. There are different types of caddies like corner caddies, over-door caddies, freestanding caddies, etc. Each caddy is designed for a particular space. You will have to choose the right option for your shower area. In case you are choosing a freestanding caddy, always check if it has slip-free rubber feet. You can find them in many materials and designs as well. Always choose an option that complements the look of your bathroom decor.

04 of 05 Keep items organised using trays

There are lots of small items in the bathroom. These mainly include personal shower essentials and make-up. You should create a proper storage area for these small items so that they stay organised and do not get lost. Keeping them on any shelf on your countertop might not be the best idea. This is because they can get cluttered and diminish the appeal of the space. Instead, you should consider keeping all the similar items together. The best way to organise these items is by keeping them on a tray. Select trays of different sizes and keep only the items in one tray that go together. In other words, keep a separate tray for your make-up, your medicines, etc.

05 of 05 Install a mirrored cabinet

It is always a good idea to install a mirrored cabinet above the sink. A cabinet will allow you to store various items like your toothbrush, toothpaste, facewash, soap, shampoo, hair gel, etc. Keeping these items close to the sink can prove to be very beneficial. This is because you may have to access them when you are in front of the sink. Also, a mirror is often required in the bathroom. You will need it while washing your face or applying your make-up. Otherwise, you will have to go out of the bathroom repeatedly to check yourself in front of the mirror. This will waste a lot of time and make your task more difficult. You can opt for the modern mirrored cabinets that come with the defogging feature so that you can see the mirror clearly even when there is steam in the washroom. Also, it is always better to choose a mirrored cabinet with integrated lights so that you can see clearly.