Lighting Ideas For Balcony

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a balcony. If you have one in your home, you should pay attention to it. People generally focus on creating comfortable sitting spaces so that they can relax. However, adding only sitting space is not sufficient. If you want to make the most of your balcony design, you must pay attention to the lighting as well. Many people ignore the balcony lighting thinking that natural light will be sufficient. However, you will have to install additional lighting fixtures if you want to use the balcony after dusk.

Lighting your balcony decor can be an exciting experience. Gone are the days when only a tube light was installed to light up any space. Now, you can find many different types of lighting fixtures in the market that will not only light up the space but also enhance the aesthetic beauty. You can be as imaginative as you want and come up with interesting lighting ideas for the balcony. If you are not sure about the type of lighting you should choose for your balcony decor, here are a few lighting ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Opt for budget-friendly string lights

When you are looking for budget-friendly lighting options, you can never go wrong with string lights. This is the least expensive lighting option available in the market. They have a minimalist look and versatile appearance. You can use them almost anywhere in your house. Moreover, they take up very little space. Hence, decorating with string lights is a great idea if you have a small balcony. Moreover, these lights consume very little energy and will not impact your utility bill. The only issue with these lights is that they do not have a very long lifespan. Avoid buying them from local stores.

02 of 05 Light up with LED lights

Experts consider LED lights one of the best options for lighting up outdoor spaces. Whether you want to light up your patio, deck, or balcony, these are perfect. Many people love installing them because they help to create a beautiful ambiance. Compared to many lighting fixtures, LED lights consume significantly less energy. When installed strategically at a distance from the ground, they can illuminate a very large area. You get lots of options while LED lights as well. Make sure you choose the wattage depending on your needs. People use them when trying to build many different lighting patterns in a space as well. Moreover, these are perfect for the balcony because LED lights are sturdy and do not damage easily.

03 of 05 Make the space more inviting with floor lamps

Not everyone wants to make a subtle statement. If you want to go big and bold, you can opt for floor lamps. They might be just the thing you need to light up the space and make it appealing at the same time. However, do not go for regular floor lamps. Instead, opt for small floor lamps to light up the space. This will help to make your balcony appear larger. The biggest advantage of choosing a floor lamp is the number of options you get when buying. Make sure that the size, shape, and colour of the lighting fixtures match the design of your balcony.  Also, consider choosing floor lamps that glow softly so that you can create a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Paying attention to the lampshades is crucial as well because they hugely influence the overall look of the lamps and the space.

04 of 05 Hang beautiful multi-faceted lanterns

Hanging lights are great for lighting up any space and adding more character to it. You can always buy hanging lights for your balcony. Multi-faceted lanterns are one of the most commonly used outdoor hanging lights. They are considered a safe option as handling them is very easy. Moreover, it is widely used in modern homes because it is energy-efficient. Hence, they will reduce your expenses. Many people prefer them because they are more eco-friendly. You can find them in many different colours as well. Hang them carefully on your balcony to create a beautiful design.

05 of 05 Decorate with ladder chandeliers

Want to give your balcony design an artistic appeal? Opt for ladder chandeliers. You will be amazed to see the impact they can have on your balcony design. Making a DIY ladder chandelier is easy. You can make it using a ladder. Hang it from the ceiling and add various types of lighting fixtures as per your choice. Commonly used lighting fixtures include downlights, wall lights, pendant lights, recessed lights, etc. Make sure that the designs of the lighting fixtures complement each other and match the look of your balcony. However, keep in mind that you might encounter complicated wiring tasks. If you do not have any idea about wiring, you can just buy a ladder chandelier from a store. They do not require complex wiring and are easy to install.