Do you have a cause you want to promote to others? If so, one of the easiest ways to elicit a positive response is by designing a T-shirt that spells out your sentiments. In fact, you can create a fundraising drive in moments by going online and designing a T-shirt.

How to Promote Your Cause Using T-shirt Apparel

Taking this approach not only optimises your time, but is also a fun way to demonstrate your commitment to a cause. Although you can always sponsor an event such as a dinner or hold a bake sale or concert, all these types of activities are time-consuming and involved. That is why designing a T-shirt is the ideal alternative, especially if you want to emphasise your cause both online and offline.

You are probably not a design professional. However, you can access tools online that will enable you to create the ideal T-shirt for your fundraising initiative in a matter of minutes. You can provide the T-shirts to contributors, or you can organise a running event where tees are provided for the activity.

T-shirt Designs Come in a Variety of Styles

You can also imprint T-shirts with the word “volunteer”. That way, if you are holding a sponsored event, you can designate T-shirts to the people who are contributing their time. In order to design your own T-shirt online, you first need to select the T-shirt design. Designs are available in several different styles. Please note the following styles:

  • High-quality budget T-shirts
  • Raglan sleeved tees
  • Tank T-shirts
  • Kids high-quality tees
  • Wafer tees
  • Staple tees
  • Box crew t-shirts
  • Basic long-sleeved tees
  • V-neck T-shirts
  • Organic tees
  • Staple tees with pockets
  • Classic tees made with heavy cotton
  • Brushed crew-neck T-shirts

When creating a fundraising campaign online, you can also imprint carry bags or totes.

Decorating the Tee

Once you create a T-shirt design, you can start decorating the apparel. Add fonts or designs to the upper, middle, or bottom front sections of the tee, or to the back of the garment. Once you add the design, you are ready to add the text. You or your campaign’s funders can also choose from a host of colours. These colours include such basic shades of white, black, blue, red, yellow, green, or orange as well as hues of pink, grey, aqua, purple, and tan.

Set a Selling Price and Goal

Next, you want to set a selling goal and price. When you insert this figure and the number of products, a figure will appear that shows your projected profit. After the selling price is set, you are ready to give a title to your campaign and write a few words about it. Assign a campaign length and upload a logo and banner before launching your fundraising crusade.

Due to advanced innovations in the screen-printing industry, you can secure funds for your fundraiser in an easy and hassle-free way. You are only limited by your imagination. By taking time and looking at your options online, you can ensure campaign success and share you message with a far larger audience.