First Yacht

You love fishing and being out on the water. Maybe you just love to sail. Regardless of your reason for buying a yacht, you need to know how to choose a vessel that will fit your particular preferences. The first step in the process is to consider how you will use the boat. Will you be using your new yacht for relaxed sailing excursions or for longer voyages?

Who Will Be Part of Your Sailing Party?

Who will be part of your sailing expedition? After all, it is a completely different experience to sail with seasoned sailors versus taking to the waters with inexperienced family members or friends. Once you answer this question, you can make a more informed evaluation about a boat’s features and attributes.

Weigh Interior Space with Manoeuvrability

You also have to contrast the amount of interior space with the vessel’s manoeuvrability. Whilst it may seem appealing to have a large amount of space inside a boat, you may find it harder to navigate the vessel in tighter spaces. If you like to sail, you may want to opt for less accommodation in this regard.

Additionally, you need to consider your own amount of sailing experience. If you are someone who has only sailed on the weekend, you may need to choose a different of type yacht than someone who has sailed long distances and has made several sea journeys.

Next, you need to consider the size of the yacht. Many first-time buyers choose boats from 10 to 12 metres in length. However, a large number of first-time luxury buyers are selecting boats that are as long as 30 metres or more.

Reviewing the Costs

When planning the budget for your first yacht purchase, you need to plan for any contingency costs. If you are similar to most new yacht buyers, you will underestimate the total expenses. Therefore, the price for a new boat yacht in Hong Kong should also include the replacement costs for accessories. These include such items as safety equipment, sails, deck gear, or electronics. In fact, in many instances, the costs for these items can equal that of the yacht’s hull and rig.

You also need to make sure that you have a place to moor your yacht. Ask about the prices for various berths and moorings as the rates can differ significantly. When reviewing the features, look at the boat’s overall length and maximum beam. In addition, investigate the building material. Naturally, you will want to know the maximum speed and cruise speed of the vessel. Compare the engine specs as well.

What is the design category of the yacht and its brand? Look carefully at the technical specifications and the layouts of each boat’s design. When you familiarise yourself with this information, you will find that you can shortlist your choices based on your preferences and requirements.