There are more than a few great reasons to consider a rise and recliner whether you simply require a bit of help getting up and down or cannot do it on your own at all. These innovative machines allow you all of the benefits associated with a reclining chair, including the ability to raise your feet up and settle back so that you are most comfortable while watching TV, taking a nap, or simply relaxing with a nice cuppa and a few biscuits. However you plan to utilise the chair, the benefits quickly return the investment and you will receive years of enjoyment out of the chair before you need to worry about replacement.


Rise and recliner chairs are just one of many Southampton retail furniture options designed to simplify the ease in which you use your own home. As people age, muscles, bones, and joints become weaker and even compromised in some cases, which can add up to difficulty sitting down from a standing position and vice versa. Rather than having a person on hand all day to help you, you can retain some of your independence by simply choosing a chair designed to lift up and meet you and then help you to stand whenever you want to be up.


Such chairs come with all the added comfort and enjoyment associated with using a recliner, especially in the materials and softness. You may choose an upholstered or leather chair to suit your unique tastes and to add another level of beauty to the room, effectively allowing you to combine comfort and aesthetics into one great bundle that will improve the overall look of any room. Whenever you feel that you would like to rest, sitting down and enjoying time in your chair is fast and simple and you will never need the help of another person just to do that simple action.