One of the special ways that you can show friends you care is by presenting them with a gift hamper. A gift hamper can be made up for a number of celebrations including Father’s Day, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. You can also choose a gift hamper based upon a theme or the items included in the gift.

Some Popular Gift Baskets

For example, some of the popular baskets include the following sentiments or items:

  • Hearts and Roses
  • Special Someone
  • Champagne with Ice Bucket and Chocolates
  • Sweet and Sour Surprise
  • Wine and Nibbles
  • A Little Ray of Sunshine

So, you can present one of these hampers just to add happiness to a person’s day. You do not necessarily need to reserve this type of gift for a specific occasion.

A Beer and Nuts Hamper

One of the popular gift hampers is a beer and nuts hamper. When you choose this bespoke gift, you can select the beers that you want to include in the basket. You can either choose the same brand of beer or opt for a mix of brews. You just need to determine the recipient’s preferences. This particular hamper features four beers, a chocolate-coated fruit and nut mix, nuts, honey-roasted peanuts, and nibbles and snack mixes. This gift basket, as many of the hampers, displays a cane basket that is lined and wrapped with cellophane. A ribbon adds the finishing touch.

A Gift for a Wedding

Another gift that is given to couples at weddings is a wedding day gift hamper. This gift includes champagne and two champagne flutes. The wine is delivered in a fashionable silk-lined gift box. You can select a box in silver or black along with a card, if you so desire.

When you are selecting a basket or hamper, think about the things the recipient likes and short-list your choices this way. If you are in a quandary about what to buy, ask a family member or friend of the recipient to help you in making a choice.

Birthday Chocolates for the Chocolate Lover

Many gift-givers choose to give hampers or gifts for birthdays. For example, some of the popular gifts include birthday medals for milestone birthdays, a pen and keychain for a 21st birthday, chocolates for a chocolate lover’s birthday, or a birthday box with gifts galore.

You can really celebrate your birthday with a birthday box as it includes such things as the following:

  • A banner
  • Four latex balloons
  • Four party poppers and four party blowers
  • An air foil balloon
  • Birthday candles
  • Wine
  • Two champagne flutes
  • Chocolates

How to Place an Order Online

In order to give this type of special gift, all you need to do is place your order online. As soon as the retailer receives your request, you typically will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you need to send your gift by a specific date, you will receive a confirmation e-mail affirming the date.

Hampers and boxes are gift-wrapped and presented with a special message inside a chosen gift card. Once the gift is dispatched, the gift giver is given notice, again by e-mail, that the delivery has been made. A number is also provided for tracking purposes and delivery.