Office Dressing Etiquettes For Men

We have read a lot of article on dressing etiquettes for women. It’s now time for men to polish their look and know what goes well and what doesn’t in their office hours. To avoid blurring the professional and personal lines, keep the following things in mind:

Office Dressing Etiquettes For Men

1) Never walk in with wet hair

– Don’t be under the illusion that just because you have short hair, you can afford to walk inside the office with them dripping wet. Slightly wet hair on some days is okay but do not make them a daily affair. If your hair look dirty because you couldn’t make out time to shampoo them, just sprinkle some baby powder to soak the oil. Or get a dry shampoo for yourself.

2) Have an understanding of your industry

– What your friend wears to work might be totally inappropriate for your office environment. If you work in a creative industry, there are higher chances of you experimenting with your looks. However if you are working in a corporate, stick to the dress code implemented there. Shop for your office dressing essentials online itself by availing Jabong coupons present on which will fetch you discounts and handsome Cashback offers.

3) Put your best foot forward

– There are two things that you have to pay attention to here. First, wear shoes that are in a good condition and are well polished. Dirty and unkempt shoes instantly lay a bad impression. Secondly, make sure that your shoes match with your outfit. A dress shoe is considered as a must have in every man’s wardrobe as it goes with almost all format outfits. To shop for it, check out Red Chief shoes price list online and get the best pair for yourself at the best price!

4) Pay attention to how you smell

– So you dress impeccably from head to toe, carry yourself well and converse extremely well too. And you still wonder why people maintain distance from you. It’s time you checked how you smell. And I’m not just talking about smelling bad but also about smelling strong. Bathing yourself in strong smelling deodorants is a bad hygiene habit which you should get rid of. It causes headaches and other troubles for others. Buy subtle fragrances only. You can check out a variety of them online and avail Jabong coupons present on to shop for them within your budget.

5) Consider your socks

– Two things come here! First that they should go with your outfit. You don’t have to wrack your brain too hard here. Just go with dark and solid choices. The color choices should be in harmony with the colors of your shoes and outfit. Then, consider their length. When you sit and cross your legs, your pants slightly lift up. Even a little skin show is considered as inappropriate. Therefore it’s best that you go for socks that are above your ankle length.

6) Keep in mind your facial hair

– You may be a fan of full and bushy bears but your office dress code clearly tells you to steer away from it. To maintain a professional look, trim your beard and cut the length of your moustaches. In this tech savvy era, there are a lot of gadgets available to help you do this from the comfort of your home only. You need not pay a visit to salon for every little thing and loosen the strings of your pocket.

Follow these tips and in a matter of short time, your colleagues will be taking inspiration from you on how to dress well!