artificial lawn

Are you planning to make up an artificial grass lawn? You might ask how to buy and install artificial grass? Once you have completed the task of finding how much grass you require, you will have to install a good drainage system. You will also require creating a good drainage system. Just remove the existing layers of natural grass and then you will be able to install artificial grass on your lawn. And believe us you will love walking on your lawn that has been bedded with this artificial grass!. In this article we are explaining you the steps that you will need to complete like making a perfect base, preventing weed growth and connecting joints.

artificial lawn

Step1-Creating a gravel base

The very first step is to create a gravel base. Afterwards you may spread a thick layer of sharp sand on this base. For this purpose you will need stakes of timber to create a definite area frame. We suggest you should create an area of installation by using tanalised timber. In this area you should spread heavy clay soil uniformly. You should eliminate areas that have poor draining property. Just use timber of 2×2 inches to create a nice draining area. You can screw these timber logs leaving the stakes that lie in the inside perimeter area. It should be noted that the artificial grass should meet well with a path made of concrete area. Just pack the timber that lies close to the wall and leave the area while tucking artificial grass between adjoining layer and the timber. To create a good area of drainage you will have to spread a layer of sharp sand and this layer should be bided well over the soil.

Step2-Why apply weed control layer?

After spreading sharp soil uniformly just apply a layer of weed control that is composed of geo textile membrane and cut it edges. You can seal the surrounding timber by sealing clout nails to logs of surrounding timber boundary. This layer of weed control will prevent growth of unwanted plants like weeds that generally originate from the holes of grass drainage system.

Is artificial grass environmental friendly?

The techniques of improvement have increased a lot and people have become more conscious about the benefits of environmental preservation by installing artificial grass. This kind of grass has now attained great popularity among homeowners, it is serving as an effective alternative to natural grass. If we compare natural and artificial grass then we will realize that natural grass is subject to damage due to changing climate. Take for example it may get dried during summer months, it may also grow abnormally when it rains. On the other hand artificial grass does not grow or cut short due to climatic reasons. During previous decades this grass used to be seen at recreation centers and sports destinations. However due to its durability and realistic look artificial grass became a favorite among those people who aspired to make their home look environmental friendly. You can meet a home décor professional to know how to buy and install artificial grass?