Among a number of popular men’s accessories, field jackets have their own reputation and vast fan-following. Typically made for the army men, these longer than ordinary jackets become a quite popular fashion during winter and post-winter seasons.

Packed with a decent number of pockets, these jackets look like a very close relative of long trench coats and a companion of cargo pants.

The following paragraphs attempt to highlight some of the greatest benefits of having a field jacket in your wardrobe –

Multi-utility: When we gaze at the strategically and intentionally carved pockets on shoulders, and front and back side, it can be claimed that these are a very useful piece of accessory for men. Essentially, there are pairs of hip pockets, side pockets, and chest pockets in a field jacket.

Available in high-end designs – Taking the wide acceptance and demand in consideration, many fashion designers and brands have come forward with field jackets having sophisticated, luxuriant, exorbitant designs. You can hit a retail store or a website to buy field jacket of your choice. There are also available designs for office-going professionals. You can find these in army-inspired style, in addition to, plain and dark color options, and denim style, as well.

Stay warm – The primary motive of soldiers behind wearing these outerwear accessories was to keep themselves warm and comfortable. That is what makes these pieces essential for winter and spring seasons. During the Vietnam war, soldiers wore field jackets during the monsoon (rainy) reason as well. The key duty of these pieces of gear is to protect you from weather. So, you can pick one or more for yourself as per your budget and requirement.