The world is full of men and women who get shocked when they receive divorce papers. This is usually one of the hardest moments in a person’s life. Serli & Siron Toronto wants to give you some advice before you take the wedding ring off.

But do you know that there are actually more women who end up disappointed and divorce their husbands?

They state that they were great: worth the doing, not cheating, some even note that they are not “very” cheating, they are spoiling them with gifts and flowers making them feel special. But what happens? Where does all of this go? Why would a woman leave a perfect man like this? Did it happen overnight, so they woke up and they realized that they do not want to be with that person anymore. Or does this process last longer? They remain in shock – how did this happen? Did I do something wrong?

These are just some of the questions that partners ask themselves. Getting the divorce papers is a hard decision to make, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of mistakes until a person decides to do such thing.

And the process is even harder if the couple has children. It will be hard for them to say that their parents won’t be together anymore and they won’t be a family. It is really traumatic for some children and that is why it is important to talk to your partner without your kids listening.

How can you know that you will be happy if you leave your partner? That is not possible unless you try. If that question bothers you for a certain period of time, you won’t know the answer unless you try and see how you like it.

These things take a lot of time before one makes the final decision. This is not just a coincidence because of a certain small thing that happened. If you do not like the life you are living right now, have a conversation with your partner and talk about your feelings and expectations from the relationship. Ask for some time apart if that is possible. Every person has a crisis in their lives and it is important to solve everything calmly and nicely.

If you want to save your marriage, only if it is worth it, go on a small weekend trip alone in order to get to know yourself better.

If your partner lost interest and is not putting an effort as much as you want to, there is nothing embarrassing or shameful about that. Every person has different needs and not all of us enjoy the same things. Saving a marriage is also huge challenge and sometimes it is really worth it because you might end up losing your true love. And that only happens once. Choose wisely and think about it carefully.