Introduction –

Choosing the right pair of panties is as important as choosing the perfect dress for your body type. Most women do not pay much of attention to the selection for the right pair of panties. Many women believe that the right size and material are the only things that matter. As a matter of fact, panties should be bought according to your body type. Wrong type of panties can be as bad as an ill fitting dress or a bad hairdo.

The choice of the right VIPme Panties should compliment your body type. Extra tight ones can create small bulges around your waist line, which will look extremely awkward if you are wearing a body hugging dress. Similarly, if you wear a loose panty it will create folds and are visible through your well fitting trousers.

To make the choice in the future, it is very important to know which type of panty is suitable for your body type. Here are useful tips that will help you to choose the right type of panties for yourself online. Some of them are mentioned below for your benefit:-


  • Bikini –

Bikini is said to be the ideal costume for beach. Most women prefer wearing bikini panties to flaunt their body shape. Bikini is somewhere in between a thong and a brief. It provides more coverage than a thong but less coverage than a brief.

Women who prefer wearing low cut jeans should always go for bikini panties. Bikini panties flaunt the curvy hips and flat tummies. This panty type is best suitable for inverted triangle shape or hourglass figure body types.

  • Thong –

A thong is said to be the boldest type of panty. It provides coverage in the frontal area and does not provide any coverage in the rear area. Women who have firm body with moderate size can carry a thong confidently. Two most popular types of thongs are C- String and G – String. One should only buy the type which is most comfortable.

  • Boy shorts –

Boy shorts are also called as boy legs. They are said to be the most comfortable and luxurious type of panty types. It is basically the female version of boxers. A boy short is all about fitted bottom, low waistline, elastic waistband and fitted crotch. Women who prefer comfort over style prefer wearing boy shorts.

The best part about VIPme boy shorts is that they are suitable for all body types. Normal boy shorts can look a little bulky under clothes but you can try lacy and slim boy shorts to wear underneath such clothing types.

  • Briefs –

Briefs are the most commonly worn type of panties by women. They are the best mix of style and comfort. They are as comfortable as boy shorts but are also fashionable like bikinis. For brief selection all you have to do is look for right material and cut according to your personal style.

The choice of panty should compliment your body type and style.