Floral Arrangement

Whilst you easily can choose red roses to give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, you may not be sure what to select on other occasions. However, giving those roses can also be hard on your wallet. Instead, you may opt for a bouquet of daisies, lilies, or red tulips.

Floral Arrangement

Flower-giving Occasions

Needless to say, when you give flowers, it causes the recipient to smile. Flowers are a great way to show a special person in your life that you are thinking of them. For example, a nice arrangement to give a teacher is a cheery bouquet of vibrant flowers. You can also gift flowers for such occasions as graduation, get well, sympathy, and birthday.

What Does the Recipient Like?

One of the best birthday gifts to receive are flowers, especially if you live a great distance from the sender. If you choose this type of gift to send, you can also personalise it so it has meaning to the recipient. For instance, if you know that your mother loves irises, then sending her those flowers on her birthday will be well-appreciated. Regardless of the flowers you send, make sure you also include a message, or a personal greeting to show that the recipient is loved or acknowledged.

Choosing Flowers for a New Graduate

If you want to send a floral arrangement to a new college grad, you may want to choose flowers in the school colours of the recipient. Or, if the recipient is a high school graduate who is going to college, why not include the recipient’s high school colours as well as the colours of the college?

Low-scent Bouquets

If you are feeling sick, you know how nice it is to receive a “get well” bouquet. You also know that sending the bouquet carries a special meaning.  In this situation, send flowers with a low scent, in case the recipient has allergies. Also, it is better to send a bouquet that is not fragrant to a patient who is receiving chemotherapy.

When you place the flower order then, ask the florist about hybrid-type flowers, which typically carry less of a scent than other varieties. That is because the flowers are bred for their looks rather than their smell. Some hydrangeas or lilies carry a lower scent.

Sympathy Flowers

When sending flowers to someone who has lost a loved one, have the bouquet delivered to the funeral home or the recipient’s home. Traditionally, sympathy flowers feature more muted hues and come in three designs – a wreath, a spray (which sits on top of the casket), or a traditional funeral arrangement that resembles a centrepiece.

To add a personal touch to the flowers you send, you may want to include a favourite flower of the deceased, or a flower that has another related connection. For example, you might send roses to a person whose name was Rose.

Whatever your reason for sending flowers, they are always welcome and appreciated. Not only are they a lovely way to show that you care, but they also are a positive way to express yourself to someone.