Fitting Suit

When you buy a suit, you need to have it tailored in order to make sure it fits well. While a made-to-measure suit will guarantee a well-fitting suit, you can have an off-the-rack suit tailored to make sure it fits properly. Here are some tips to help you get a properly fitting suit:

Achieving the Best Fit

There are many ways you can ensure that you have a properly fitting men’s suit. While you want to be able to move your arms freely when wearing a suit jacket, you don’t want it to look sloppy. The shoulders should lay flat and the shoulder pads should end where your shoulders do.

Fit across the Chest

To make sure the jacket properly fits across your chest, you should be able to easily slip your hand in at the lapels with either the top button (on a two-button jacket) or the middle button (if there are three buttons) fastened. If you put in a fist, the jacket should pull slightly at the button. In addition, to ensure the jacket is the correct length, the top or middle button should not fall below the navel.

Fitting Suit

Checking the Length

The length of the jacket’s sleeves and the trousers are very important and can make the difference between looking sharp and looking scruffy. When you slip on the jacket, put your arms at your sides and check where the end of the sleeve stops. For a proper fit, it should brush where the base of your thumb and your wrist meet. In addition, you should be able to see about .65 to 1.3 centimetres of the cuff of the shirt you’re wearing.

Most men don’t bother to have the trousers hemmed if the rest of the suit fits well, which is a mistake. Your well-fitting suit can look bad if you neglect to have the trousers hemmed or cuffed. The pant legs should fall about 2.5 centimetres from the top of your shoes.

Ordering a Made-to-Measure Suit

Some men may not be able to find a nice suit off the rack because of their size. If you have a larger frame or a slighter build than most men, then you should have your men’s suits tailored so they fit properly. A well-made suit will last for years, and it can be taken in or let out as needed if you gain or lose weight.

Along with making sure the suit fits well, you should select a suit colour or pattern and style that is best for you, instead of picking one out that you would normally never wear. A made-to-measure suit allows you the freedom to have a suit you will like, so select something that matches your style, not someone else’s.

These tips can help you select men’s suits that fit well and make you look great for an important job interview or when you land a job and need them for work. It is said that clothes don’t make the man, but a nice suit will help him look his best.