Buying a flower for your girl is always a wonderful and romantic idea. But how to choose which flower to give her from the innumerable varieties that are available in the market. There are many florists online that would help you with same day flower delivery too.

Here’s a list of steps you must consider when buying a flower for your darling:

Learn something about your girl

Know what she likes and what color is her favorite. You can get this idea by noticing the color of the dress she wears and the color of her shoes and laptop etc. Think about what describes her best? Is she soft and romantic or is she bold and quirky? These things matter and are a great help to determine the flower.

Also, find out if she is allergic to any flower. You can ask her best friend too, don’t hesitate in doing so.

What do you want to express

Be clear on what you want to express to her. Ask the florist to help you with it. Tell him/her how strongly you feel for her. There are many emotions and there is a flower for each one of them. Convey him/her the reason you want to give her the flower.

There is a dozen variety of Roses only, it is very important to know which flower expresses what. You cannot have all the knowledge of the florist, and you don’t need to, ask the florist!

Find a florist


There are many florists near you, and he/she may not have the bouquet of the flower you want. You can always find a good florist with the help of the internet. Google florists online and see what kind of bouquet you want.

Write a Card

You can enhance your emotion by putting a card along with the bouquet this will make her feel that you have done some hard work in finding and choosing the right card and will complement the flowers. Go online and search for some romantic quotes, write them on the card, try to give it a pinch of personalization too. Don’t keep it short, let her know your feelings precisely, don’t let her be in doubt.

Don’t go for over-the-shelf

Don’t buy the flowers that you see first. There are many beautiful flowers that are exquisite and gorgeous, look for the ones which you think would make her feel the same.

Don’t delay


If you have decided you want to give the flower to her, just book them. It is possible that the flowers you chose are not available that day. You need to pre-book flowers. Don’t deliver them on the end of the day that will mean nothing! Make sure they reach her early in the morning.

Deliver it yourself

Don’t get it delivered straight to her, this will not serve the purpose. You want to be there when she receives the flower. You want to see her feel special, don’t you? And who knows you can get luck and get kisses you wanted the whole time.

Know when not to give her the flower


It is important that you know what is going on in her life. Know that everything is fine and there’s no bad news on the day that can make the whole thing look not only stupid but also inconsiderate.

You don’t need to wait for some occasion to give a flower to your darling. You can make her feel special and be completely surprised just by giving her a beautiful bouquet. Let her know how romantic you are. Women love this!