There are few things more sacrosanct, and universally beloved, than playtime. The innocence and joy which comes from making a child happy, with a great new toy, is one of the great joys of parent and adulthood. Despite everything else that’s changed over the years, playtime is still as pure and wonderful as when you were a child.

Of course, that isn’t to say that playtime hasn’t changed at all. There’s a whole new crop of exciting toys out there designed to stimulate the imaginations of young children. Here’s a look at just some of the exciting new toy options for tots out on the market today.

Soft Toys

Plush toys have been insanely popular among young children for some time now. There are all manner of interesting new plushies on the market today, from your standard stuffed animals, to hug and tug toys, to dolls and more. Pull and play plushies are a great option for parents who want to join in the playtime fun with their children for some friendly parent/toddler games of tug of war. Parent interaction is essential to child development, making toys like these, which encourage such bonding time, all the more a must-have. Click here for more info on some of the best soft toys for children out there.

Puzzles and Musical Toys

Giving children puzzles is a great way to stimulate their intellectual development. Opportunity accounts for so much in the development of young children, and having the chance to engage with mind-expanding puzzles and games at a young age teaches both analytical and creative thinking. These are invaluable assets to the rest of their lives—and all while having fun in the here and now!

The same goes for musical toys. Whether you have the next Mozart on your hands or just want to introduce them to the wonderful world of music, at a young age, there are many great musical toys on the market which are both fun and enriching for small children.

Balls and Games

Balls are about as basic and timeless a toy as you can get. Encouraging physical activity and an active lifestyle, they’re simply a must for any young child, and available at all the best quality wholesale baby toy suppliers from Little Smiles. From baby basketball and baseball sets, to soft plush balls, there are plenty of great options out there.

The same goes for games, of course. The great things about games is that they encourage not just active thinking but sharing on the part of your youngster as well.

Give your child the head start in life they deserve, while allowing them all the innocent and exciting fun of playtime today, with classic toys as well as some of the best new offerings on the market today.