When we think about petite body type we immediately consider someone who has overall small dimensions as petite. But in reality it refers to a person who is 5.4” or shorter in height and even in this category there are people with different dimensions. So, within the specialised department for petite clothing there are different sizes. Majority women with such a body shape face problem when they are looking for the perfect evening dress. The best solution is to clearly understand the types of petite evening dress that will accentuate your features. So, here is a guide that will help you to know what is best for your petite body type:


  • All the fashion experts are of the view that a dress that has a well defined waistline such as empire style dress will for sure add to a petite woman’s frame. This is for the reason that by having a focal or central point the legs will appear longer. Another great tipis to always wear high heel shoes which will increase your height.
  • Try out a solid colored dress such as black, white compared to printed ones as printed dresses like large floral prints can tend to minimize your stature making you look small. So, wearing a solid color will again add length to petite woman’s body. A “V” neckline dress also helps to elongate the neckline.
  • For formal evening dresses select textured fabrics as it will make yourr body appear fuller. This mainly depends upon the season for which you are choosing the dress. During winters, velvet or brocade is a great choice and a dress made of lace is good for summers and spring.
  • A-line silhouette dresses that have a fitted body with a flared skirt also suits petite women very well. This is good choice for women that have excess weight on the lower body. Pick dresses that have straight lines and simple pattern as they will make you look taller than actual.
  • Petite Women who want to look well-proportioned should find dresses which have bust line details. This draws attention away from the face and upper body, giving the wearer a fuller body appearance. Details can include ruffles, soft pleats, ruching based on your style and liking. But do keep in mind that the bust line detail is not too wide.
  • Lastly, wear a dress that is neither too tight nor too loose. For accessories also go for something sleek and feminine.

Today, the internet is flooded with clothing websites for women that have a large collection of different styles of evening dresses such a strapless, off shoulder, long sleeve and much more. You can easily browse through them as this will save your time and energy and help you get a perfect evening dress and get compliments from everyone.

It is important to remember that whatever you wear carry off with confidence will definitely look pretty and beautiful on you.