Aaaaah the engagement ring, this symbol that makes everyone vibrate and waving under the nose of girlfriends as soon as Mister put the ring on our finger. It’s so much joy!

We almost forget the second ring loaded with emotion that we will carry all his life: his wedding ring.

And we understand you, wedding preparations are so

Today, we have teamed up with the very beautiful, modern and ethical jewelry Courbet to tell you why you should also take time for your wedding rings and why you should do it now.

Many brides tell us how much they underestimated the choice of their wedding ring and left everything of ring on confide to us to have bought them in a hurry barely a month before their wedding at the first jeweler who could do them quickly.

They realize a little late that it is very difficult to change the alliance once the marriage is over. Because symbolically, the alliances exchanged on the wedding day have an irreplaceable symbolic burden.

Besides, when you get married in church, these covenants are sacred.

You must choose this alliance carefully because it will accompany you every day of your life while being irreplaceable.

You have months of preparation in front of you, so we advise you to take care of your wedding rings now, much like your wedding dress, enjoy the fact that you are calm.

A ring for everyday life

No other jewel (apart from your engagement ring) will accompany you as long as your wedding ring, separating you from it one day here and there, as usual your jewelry will not be an option.

This ring will be on your left ring finger every day of your life! You must give him the same attention, if only for your wedding dress.

Your ring must therefore meet a precise set of specifications:

1 / Being resistant to bear the hazards of everyday life: you must choose a quality ring

2 / Go with everything, do not risk getting tired: you must choose a timeless ring and not too “fashionable”

3 / Make you proud day after day: do not buy it anywhere; the ethical issue is important in the jewel

So you have to take the time to go with your fiancé to look, compare, try alliances in store, you will see it is moreover a great time to spend in love.

Nothing will be worth this time spent throwing you in this jewel that will accompany you every day after your wedding.

A ring that resists daily

If you have to put the price in a jewel it is this one, you have not yet idea of ​​what she will have to resist every day.

Yes, you will see, it is a ring that you will rarely remove for fear of losing it, it will hold the shock like no other jewel you have in your possession.

You need a ring of very good quality that will withstand all your daily actions without flinching.

The choice of alloy:

We advise you to choose at least 18 carat gold and avoid silver or veneer that are less resistant and requires more maintenance.

With or without stone?

The choice of the stone is more a matter of style.

A ring with stone will be less discreet but do you want to be discreet with your alliance? A jewel that represents your union, your love deserves a little more.

Keep in mind that a ring with a stone will always be a little more fragile than a stone-free alliance and will require more maintenance.

A ring that makes you proud

This is a question that is dear to us: if you have to wear a ring every day of your life, do not you want to have a good image?

As we know today, most of the stones are mined in countries at war in sometimes dramatic conditions and it will sometimes be difficult to know where they come from.

Today we can no longer ignore the environmental and social impact of mining, so what to do?

Some major brands now offer fully developed laboratory-grown diamonds (as beautiful and resistant as mine diamonds) and recycled gold.

The idea of ​​cultured diamonds is often misunderstood whereas today it is an incredible ecological solution.

It is indeed today possible to “push” in the laboratory stones from natural diamond chips.

The synthetic diamond obtained is a diamond that’s optical, physical and chemical characteristics are identical to those found at the bottom of mines.

They are identical, but much more ethical, especially since it allows creating some jewelry almost entirely locally (the famous made in USA)

You do not want to look at your wedding ring (or engagement ring) every day wondering what happened to mine the diamond…

If you want a ring with a diamond, you can definitely consider this solution.

A ring that goes with everything

The big jewelry fans will tell you that everything goes with everything! Certainly.

But in practice? In real life?

For example, if you are the type of discrete mouse, the jewels that correspond to you are fine rods and small stones: 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm at the most maxi-mum.

Finally, if you are the extrovert and want to wear your wedding ring as a banner, if you like to surprise and experiment, then the whole range of possibilities is open to you!

For fittings, wear your favorite outfit, the one that saves you bad days, which corresponds to 100% and trying your alliance, look at you in front of the mirror (remember, we judge a ring looking at each other with the mirror , not looking at his hand).

Maintain his ring

Rest assured anyway, it is quite normal that a jewel (and even more, a ring) worn every day shows some signs of wear, and whatever its quality.

For cleaning, nothing simpler: use a very soft brush and soapy water especially on the center stones. Of course, avoid scrubbing the pavement with too much insistence 😉 To shine gold and platinum, you just need to spend suede on your ring!

And she will live forever!