perfect cakes 1With the change of time many traditions and customs have changed. In some cultures, the cake is a symbol of birthday and other celebrations.

Cake delivery has become one of the upcoming businesses in today’s world. There are several entrepreneurs who have entered into catering field with their home made cakes and are also accepting party orders. There are certain tips that would be useful if you are a baker and is looking for delivering good quality cakes.

Ten tips for delivering the perfect cake:-

Plan in advance: Baking the perfect cake and delivering it on time requires detailed planning. You need to be familiar with the location, check if the delivery needs to be made at the peak hours, see if there are multiple cakes to be delivered on the same day.

Take care of additional cake decorations: Exquisite and big cakes come with other decorations to make it look much elegant. The other decorations pieces can be cake statues, flowers, candles, edible beads, etc. it is better to set up such arrangements after reaching the venue so that the decorations would look fresher.

Make arrangements for cake delivery: You have the option to charge additional cost for delivering cake at the venue. If the cakes get ruined on the way, you will not be able to bake another one within the stipulated time. Hence it is better to have specific arrangements for delivering cake which includes vehicle, delivery staff, fuel charge, time spent, etc. This cost can be taken from the customer.

Cake pickups by the customer: In case if your customer is picking up a cake from your store, make sure to explain him about how to transport the cake. Make sure that the cake is well packed so that it would not be ruined on the way to the venue.

Assemble huge cakes at the venue: Typically the wedding cakes would be in multiple tiers which are based on the instruction from the customer. It is always a good idea to assemble the cake at the venue in such cases. This is to avoid the risk involved in damaging the cakes while shifting it from your store to the vehicle and during transportation. It is much easier to transport cakes in single tiers.

Cake frosting suitable for weather condition: The most important part of the cake is its frosting. This would also play a huge role in the overall look of the cake. Check with your customer where the party is going to happen. If the party is outdoors in humid weather, it is better to have fondant which will hold up against the heat.

Carry your basic and readily available cake supplies: In the case of emergencies, you can always make up the damage to cakes if you are carrying some of the cake supplies with you. You can also think about adding the final touches to the cake once it is delivered at the venue and it is placed on the stage.

It is always better to avoid artificial coloring and other agents when baking cakes. If artificial colors are required, then make sure to inform your client and get their consent before you proceed.