Printed ribbons are used in a variety of different applications. They are used for tying with award trophies and are also used in lapel pins and as awareness ribbons. Apart from that, ribbons can be used to improve the appearance of virtually any object. It can be used as a bow, can be attached to a handbag or it can be tied around a gift box. Apart from that, other ribbons are generally used for a variety of different purposes. For instance, ribbons are used for charity events, for grand opening events and they are also used for weddings.

However, there are many different types of ribbons available in the market. If you are looking for some specific types of ribbons, here are your options:

Grosgrain Ribbon

The Grosgrain ribbon creates the perfect mix of durability, style and elegance. These ribbons not only look good, but they are also quite strong. Unlike standard ribbons, the grosgrain has a textured finish with a ripped design. Grosgrain has become generally popular in the past few years mainly because it is very durable and looks good. It is the perfect choice for business owners who are looking to brand their products or for marketers who are planning a new event. Grosgrain ribbons are also quite affordable, especially if you place a bulk order.


You may have seen grosgrain ribbons being used on many different promotional products and packages. Plenty of companies use this type of ribbon for corporate marketing too. It is a great choice for business owners who wish to set their product apart from the crowd. Many companies that sell such types of ribbon also provide other services, such as printing your company’s logo and design on the ribbon itself. You can choose whether you want a screen printed design on your ribbon or not. You can also choose the colour of the ribbon from any of the given PMS colours in the list.

Cotton Ribbons

Cotton ribbons are easily the most popular types of ribbons in the world today. Cheap, affordable and durable, cotton ribbons are widely used for promotional packaging and other common events. However, the reason why cotton ribbons aren’t a better choice than grosgrain is because it is not as durable. Moreover, cotton ribbons have a relatively smooth finish. Many businesses are conscious about the environment when ordering ribbons. If you are looking for environmentally friendly ribbons, cotton is a great choice.

When placing an order for custom ribbons, you need to decide a few things. For instance, the colour of the ribbon should be the same as the colour of your company’s logo. Many companies offer screen printing services, so you can decide whether you want a written statement on the ribbons or not. You can also decide the length and the width of the ribbon. The minimum order is based on the number of rolls, so you can decide how much you want. Some ribbons are also machine washable.