Smoothies are not just for health or fitness nuts that drink them to infuse their bodies with protein before a workout. Making a smoothie is a good way to get additional vitamins and minerals in your diet, especially when you’re running late and need to take your breakfast with you. By making smoothies at home, you can not only have a healthier meal, but you can save money as well.

Vitamins and Minerals on the Go

It is important to start your day by eating a healthy breakfast, but if you have overslept or don’t have time to cook because you are trying to get your children ready for school, making smoothies to take with you is a healthy substitute for breakfast. There are hundreds of smoothie recipes on the Internet, and most of them include healthy fruits and vegetables. By making a fruit or veggie smoothie, you can make a quick meal replacement smoothie packed with vitamins and minerals.

Although most children are more concerned with taste than they are eating healthy foods, most of them like fruit smoothies. Instead of giving your children a vitamin supplement in the mornings, try making a small fruit smoothie with their breakfast or to drink when they are on the way to school. You can even add chocolate chips or other ingredients your kids love to their smoothie to make it even more enticing to them. Without them even being aware they are having a healthy drink, you can easily get them to consume smoothies with the vitamins and minerals they need to stay in good health.


Making Smoothies at Home

Although you can buy a smoothie machine to make these healthy drinks at home, a smoothie maker isn’t necessary if you have a good blender. Many blenders can easily chop the ice needed to thicken smoothies, and they are generally less expensive than a dedicated smoothie maker. The Boss To Go blenders will easily make healthy smoothies for breakfast or to drink as a meal replacement if you are on a diet.

If you do like to have protein shakes before going to the gym or heading outside for a run, a good blender will also be able to make the shakes. By making your own smoothies and protein drinks in a blender at home, you can avoid the cost of purchasing them at the gym or at a fast food establishment and save money. It is far less expensive to buy the fruits and protein powders you need at the store and use your blender to mix a quick shake or smoothie at home. For the same price of purchasing a smoothie, you can make one for yourself and your children.

Infuse Your Diet with Vitamins

Although smoothies make a good meal replacement, you can also use them to make sure you and your family get the vitamins and minerals your bodies need to function properly and to stay healthy. A fruit or vegetable smoothie will provide all the nutrients your diet needs for you to stay well.