When people look for houses then there are several different styles that they come across. Even some decide in prior what style they want in their house. So if you are an admirer of French country house style then you need to work hard to find the best choice in this category. In order to facilitate your search on French houses for sale here are some of the tips that might help you in finding some considerable options.


The French house style is quite popular especially among those people that are looking for some of the spacious place on the format of modest farmhouses. This type of style in house is elegant as well as comfortable in every perspective. As compare to other regular house style in French house style you will find certain prominent features that differentiate it from others.

1. The Façade
When it comes to exterior architecture of French house style then there are a few elements that need to de designed in its traditional format like stonework, curved arches and of course soft lines. Even the building material used to design its exteriors must be wood, brick or other natural stones. This house must have at least 2-3 floors among that second floor must contain balconies whose sides should be covered with iron bars. Moreover as compare to other styles French country homes should not be decorated with adornments and accessories.

2. Roof Details
If you know the architecture of Manor then you know that how crucial it is to apply specific attention on roof details on French style country house. In your house you can easily open these terrace area for dining by covering and decorating them with green plants. Even you can design those terrace entrances by using the patio style.