When it comes to boilers Uxbridge, then there are three primary types: system boilers, open vent boilers and combination boilers.

(1) Combination Boilers

Combination boilers or “combi” boilers are most popular among UK households presently. These boilers are specific units that don’t need a hot water tank, thus saving crucial space in your home because there is no requirement of any airing cupboard. As suggested by the name, combination boilers combine two primary functions: (1) providing hot water to the household and (2) playing the role of central heating boilers.


  • Saves on space
  • Saves money in the long run
  • Water that is received through taps is at mains pressure
  • Installation is simpler because minimal pipe work is required

 (2) System Boilers

When it comes to boilers Uxbridge, system boilers or sealed system boilers comprise of a unit that is sealed and which runs at nearly 1 bar of pressure. These boilers require a water storage cylinder for storing the hot water for your household, which is mostly installed in airing cupboards.


  • Ideal for homes with multiple bathrooms because the boiler system can generate hot water at the identical pressure to numerous units simultaneously
  • No need for installing an expansion tank in the loft, thus offering you extra storage space
  • High pressure of water

(3) Open Vent Boilers

Open vent boilers are generally connected to two tanks that are housed in the loft of the household. One tank is usually a “feed and expansion” tank that is used for supplying water to the boiler and radiators. The other tank is a large storage tank for cold water, which supplies the water that is needed for an open-vented hot water cylinder.


  • Primarily used in households where there are multiple outlets, such as taps, which may be utilised simultaneously
  • Comparatively inexpensive when it comes to replacement
  • Water pressure is low but otherwise this is the better option to select the best.
  • Requires more space but offer you best services than others.

As can be seen, there are pros and cons for each variant of boiler. If you are not sure with regard to which boiler is optimum for your home, you may take the help of professional boiler installers who generally provide the following advice:

  • Combination boilers for flats or bungalows that lack roof space
  • System or open vented boilers if your household has multiple bathrooms
  • System or open vented boilers if you are located in a region with low mains water pressure
  • Any of the aforementioned three boilers if you are seeking to upgrade from an existing conventional boilers
  • Combination or system boiler equipped with a hot water cylinder if there are numerous individuals in your home that need hot water on demand
  • Combination boiler if your household property is a loft conversion

When it comes to boilers Uxbridge, take help of a professional boiler installer to know which boiler is the best choice for your household.