Fulfilling a customer’s wishes with regards to owning the ideal ring can be a difficult task. But GN Designer Jewellers have perfected this craft. This is the place you go to find the ideal engagement ring at an affordable price. When an engagement ring is customised, it underscores the giver’s devotion and allows him to express his deepest love and sentiments.

The Cushion Cut Ring

That is why retailers, such as GN Designer Jewellers, sell so many of these kinds of rings. One of the engagement rings that is trending today is the cushion cut ring. This ring, which is on the verge of replacing the ever-popular round brilliant and princess-cut rings, is endowed with a unique, one-of-a-kind look. The diamond cut is defined by large facets, medium-to-large cutlets, chunky patterns, and small tables.

Just as the name sounds, diamond engagement rings in Melbourne that are cushion cut tend to look like a soft pillow. The ring is either rectangular or square in design and features soft and rounded corners. Some jewellers even call the ring a “candlelight diamond.”

Whilst the cushion cut engagement ring is a trending selection, you can also customise a ring to set it apart from other engagement rings. When you enquire about a custom ring, you can request that the jeweller designs an architecturally beautiful ring – a ring that is made to your specifications.

Gold Engagement Rings

When selecting an engagement ring, you are picking out more than a mere diamond. You also must choose the metal. Currently, white gold engagement rings are popular selections for this kind of jewellery. White gold is not only more affordable than other kinds of metals; it complements a variety of different gemstones and enhances their loveliness when the stone is set. The rings can be custom designed in white gold, yellow gold, platinum, palladium, or a gold that displays a pinkish or rose tone.

Platinum Rings

One of the most sought-after metals of today is platinum. That is because the metal shows off an elegant gleam. The metal is also hypoallergenic, needs low maintenance, and is quite durable. You can find platinum rings in varying price ranges. Therefore, engagement rings displaying this metal are made to accommodate a variety of preferences and various lifestyles.

Given the various kinds of metals, cuts, and gems, you need to work with a jeweller that can counsel you on your selection. You can make the selection process easier if you choose a custom-made ring. This way, you can pick out each specific component of the jewellery.

People can spend a large amount of money having an engagement ring customised. However, if you choose the right jewellery company, you can customise your ring for a lower price. Rings are available in a large variety of styles and cuts, and each one features their own price range. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot find a ring that will satisfy all of your desires.

It is important to choose a jewellery retailer that will help you meet your expectations in selecting a custom-styled ring. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection and affordability.